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# 302408 07-Jul-2016 gjb

Copy head@r302406 to stable/11 as part of the 11.0-RELEASE cycle.
Prune svn:mergeinfo from the new branch, as nothing has been merged

Additional commits post-branch will follow.

Approved by: re (implicit)
Sponsored by: The FreeBSD Foundation

# 289163 12-Oct-2015 adrian

wpi(4): add support for TX fragmentation.


* Tested with Intel 3945BG, HOSTAP and STA modes

Differential Revision: https://reviews.freebsd.org/D3770

# 289124 10-Oct-2015 adrian

wpi(4): use more correct types.

This change fixes some amount of -Wsign-conversion and -Wconversion warnings
and sets correct sizes for some variables (as a result, some loop counters
were touched too).

Submitted by: <s3erios@gmail.com>
Differential Revision: https://reviews.freebsd.org/D3763

# 282392 03-May-2015 adrian

Try to fix passive scanning hang on beacon miss.

PR: kern/197143
Submitted by: Andriy Voskoboinyk <s3erios@gmail.com>

# 282383 03-May-2015 adrian

Fix pause scan time calculation (the remainder must be less than beacon interval).

PR: kern/197143
Submitted by: Andriy Voskoboinyk <s3erios@gmail.com>

# 282382 03-May-2015 adrian

Fix active/passive dwell calculation.

PR: kern/197143
Submitted by: Andriy Voskoboinyk <s3erios@gmail.com>

# 282378 03-May-2015 adrian

Add TX status codes (obtained from iwlegacy)

PR: kern/197143
Differential Revision: Andriy Voskoboinyk <s3erios@gmail.com>
Obtained from: Linux drivers/net/wireless/iwlegacy

# 282369 03-May-2015 adrian

Retry twice at the same rate.

Submitted by: Andriy Voskoboinyk <s3erios@gmail.com>

# 280119 15-Mar-2015 adrian

Workaround delays caused by vmem_check().

PR: kern/197143
Submitted by: Andriy Voskoboinyk <s3erios@gmail.com>

# 280105 15-Mar-2015 adrian

Add experimental HOSTAP support.

PR: kern/197143
Submitted by: Andriy Voskoboinyk <s3erios@gmail.com>

# 280093 15-Mar-2015 adrian

* Add new debug category
* Refactor out / restructure / extend debugging information

PR: kern/197143
Submitted by: Andriy Voskoboinyk <s3erios@gmail.com>

# 280064 15-Mar-2015 adrian

Replace few numbers with named constants.

PR: kern/197143
Submitted by: Andriy Voskoboinyk <s3erios@gmail.com>

# 280059 15-Mar-2015 adrian

Fix indentation - non-functional change.

PR: kern/197143
Submitted by: Andriy Voskoboinyk <s3erios@gmail.com>

# 280058 15-Mar-2015 adrian

Check some variables only on active TX rings

PR: kern/197143
Submitted by: Andriy Voskoboinyk <s3erios@gmail.com>

# 278764 14-Feb-2015 adrian

More fixes to wpi(4), again not by me! Woo!

- Use IEEE80211_F_DATAPAD;
- (c->ic_flags & IEEE80211_CHAN_PASSIVE) -> IEEE80211_IS_CHAN_PASSIVE(c);
- Convert ackfailcnt to int (there is dereference to *(int *) in ieee80211_ratectl_tx_complete());
- Fix & move cleanup to the end in wpi_rx_done();
- Add missed lock in wpi_update_beacon();
- Try to fix powersave.

PR: kern/197143
Submitted by: Andriy Voskoboinyk <s3erios@gmail.com>

# 278366 07-Feb-2015 adrian

Big wpi(4) overhaul! Not by me!

This is a sync against iwn(4) and openbsd.

- Add power management support;
- Add background scanning support;
- Fix few LORs;
- Handle rfkill switch state changes properly;
- Fix recovering after firmware failure;
- Add more error checking;
- Cleanup & disable by default debug output;
- Update macroses names;
- Other various fixes;
- Add IBSS support:
- don't set data_ntries field for management frames;
- Add AHDEMO support:
- fix padding;
- Sync eeprom functions;
- Use CMD_RXON_ASSOC where possible;
- Enable HW CCMP encryption/decryption for pairwise keys;
- Fix filter flags for CMD_RXON.

Tested (by submitter) - iwn 3945 NIC. I have one somewhere; I'll
validate this later on and revert it if it's a problem.


PR: 197143
Submitted by: Andriy Voskoboinyk <s3erios@gmail.com>

# 275966 20-Dec-2014 adrian

Remove some hard-coded IE assembly over to use net80211 methods.

PR: kern/196069
Submitted by: Andriy Voskoboinyk <s3erios@gmail.com>

# 258780 30-Nov-2013 eadler

Fix undefined behavior: (1 << 31) is not defined as 1 is an int and this
shifts into the sign bit. Instead use (1U << 31) which gets the
expected result.

This fix is not ideal as it assumes a 32 bit int, but does fix the issue
for most cases.

A similar change was made in OpenBSD.

Discussed with: -arch, rdivacky
Reviewed by: cperciva

# 190458 27-Mar-2009 jmallett

o) Check that no overrun or CRC errors were encountered in receiving a
packet. Linux, OpenBSD and our iwn(4) all do this. It also results in
a huge performance improvement (and the rejection of a fair number of
apparently-bad packets on receive) on my hardware.
o) Like the wpi(4) driver in OpenBSD, and like our iwn(4), also drop runt
o) Don't bother doing IFQ_POLL and then IFQ_DRV_DEQUEUE, just do
IFQ_DRV_DEQUEUE outright. This is more similar to how OpenBSD and our
iwn(4) work.

Reviewed by: sam

# 177043 10-Mar-2008 thompsa

Update wpi(4) with stability fixes
- remove second taskqueue
- busdma 16k alignment workaround
- use busdma instead of external mbuf storage on Rx
- locking fixes
- net80211 state change fixes
- improve scanning reliability
- improve radio hw switch interaction
- consolidate callouts

Parts obtained from: benjsc, sam
Tested by: many

# 173976 27-Nov-2007 benjsc

Handle missed beacons correctly

Approved by: mlaier (comentor)

# 173362 05-Nov-2007 benjsc

Initial Import of wpi driver based on p4 changeset 128641.

This import includes:
o wpi Wireless driver for the Intel 3945 Wireless Lan Controller (802.11abg) (sys/dev/wpi)
o Intel firmware revision 2.14.4 & associated LICENSE (sys/dev/contrib/wpi, sys/contrib/dev/wpi/LICENSE)
o wpifw Firmware driver (sys/modules/wpifw)

Approved by: mlaier, sam (co-mentors)