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H A Dpinctrl-utils.c42 new_map = krealloc_array(*map, new_num, sizeof(*new_map), GFP_KERNEL);
H A Dkernel.h121 static inline void *krealloc_array(void *p, size_t new_n, size_t new_size, gfp_t gfp) function
H A Dghes_edac.c212 new = krealloc_array(hw->dimms, hw->num_dimms + 16,
H A Ddma-resv.c576 *fences = krealloc_array(*fences, count,
H A Dslab.h644 * krealloc_array - reallocate memory for an array.
650 static inline __alloc_size(2, 3) void * __must_check krealloc_array(void *p, function
H A Dvringh.c218 new = krealloc_array(iov->iov, new_num,
H A Dpinctrl-rzg2l.c296 maps = krealloc_array(maps, nmaps, sizeof(*maps), GFP_KERNEL);
H A Dcoresight-core.c1730 list = krealloc_array(dict->fwnode_list,
H A Ddrm_atomic.c1020 c = krealloc_array(state->connectors, alloc,
H A Dmsu.c2019 rewin = krealloc_array(win, nr_wins, sizeof(*win), GFP_KERNEL);
H A Damdgpu_debugfs.c1697 new = krealloc_array(tmp, i + 1, sizeof(uint32_t), GFP_KERNEL);
H A Dpcm_lib.c1133 new = krealloc_array(constrs->rules, new_rules,
H A Dverifier.c1004 * Contrary to krealloc_array, does not free arr if new_n is zero.
1011 arr = krealloc_array(arr, new_n, size, GFP_KERNEL);

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