1	This is at least a partial credits-file of people that have
2	contributed to the Linux project.  It is sorted by name and
3	formatted to allow easy grepping and beautification by
4	scripts.  The fields are: name (N), email (E), web-address
5	(W), PGP key ID and fingerprint (P), description (D), and
6	snail-mail address (S).
7	Thanks,
9			Linus
12N: Matt Mackal
13E: mpm@selenic.com
14D: SLOB slab allocator
16N: Matti Aarnio
17E: mea@nic.funet.fi
18D: Alpha systems hacking, IPv6 and other network related stuff
19D: One of assisting postmasters for vger.kernel.org's lists
20S: (ask for current address)
21S: Finland
23N: Thomas Abraham
24E: thomas.ab@samsung.com
25D: Samsung pin controller driver
27N: Dragos Acostachioaie
28E: dragos@iname.com
29W: http://www.arbornet.org/~dragos
30D: /proc/sysvipc
31S: C. Negri 6, bl. D3
32S: Iasi 6600
33S: Romania
35N: Mark Adler
36E: madler@alumni.caltech.edu
37W: https://alumnus.caltech.edu/~madler/
38D: zlib decompression
40N: Monalisa Agrawal
41E: magrawal@nortelnetworks.com
42D: Basic Interphase 5575 driver with UBR and ABR support.
43S: 75 Donald St, Apt 42
44S: Weymouth, MA 02188
45S: USA
47N: Dave Airlie
48E: airlied@linux.ie
49W: http://www.csn.ul.ie/~airlied
50D: NFS over TCP patches
51D: in-kernel DRM Maintainer
52S: Longford, Ireland
53S: Sydney, Australia
55N: Tigran A. Aivazian
56E: tigran@aivazian.fsnet.co.uk
57W: http://www.moses.uklinux.net/patches
58D: BFS filesystem
59D: Intel IA32 CPU microcode update support
60D: Various kernel patches
61S: United Kingdom
63N: Werner Almesberger
64E: werner@almesberger.net
65W: https://www.almesberger.net/
66D: dosfs, LILO, some fd features, ATM, various other hacks here and there
67S: Buenos Aires
68S: Argentina
70N: Tim Alpaerts
71E: tim_alpaerts@toyota-motor-europe.com
72D: 802.2 class II logical link control layer,
73D: the humble start of an opening towards the IBM SNA protocols
74S: Klaproosstraat 72 c 10
75S: B-2610 Wilrijk-Antwerpen
76S: Belgium
78N: Anton Altaparmakov
79E: aia21@cantab.net
80W: http://www-stu.christs.cam.ac.uk/~aia21/
81D: Author of new NTFS driver, various other kernel hacks.
82S: Christ's College
83S: Cambridge CB2 3BU
84S: United Kingdom
86N: C. Scott Ananian
87E: cananian@alumni.princeton.edu
88W: http://www.pdos.lcs.mit.edu/~cananian
89P: 1024/85AD9EED AD C0 49 08 91 67 DF D7  FA 04 1A EE 09 E8 44 B0
90D: Unix98 pty support.
91D: APM update to 1.2 spec.
92D: /devfs hacking.
93S: 7 Kiwi Loop
94S: Howell, NJ 07731
95S: USA
97N: Erik Andersen
98E: andersen@codepoet.org
99W: https://www.codepoet.org/
100P: 1024D/30D39057 1BC4 2742 E885 E4DE 9301  0C82 5F9B 643E 30D3 9057
101D: Maintainer of ide-cd and Uniform CD-ROM driver,
102D: ATAPI CD-Changer support, Major 2.1.x CD-ROM update.
103S: 352 North 525 East
104S: Springville, Utah 84663
105S: USA
107N: Michael Ang
108E: mang@subcarrier.org
109W: http://www.subcarrier.org/mang
110D: Linux/PA-RISC hacker
111S: 85 Frank St.
112S: Ottawa, Ontario
113S: Canada K2P 0X3
115N: H. Peter Anvin
116E: hpa@zytor.com
117W: https://www.zytor.com/~hpa/
118P: 2047/2A960705 BA 03 D3 2C 14 A8 A8 BD  1E DF FE 69 EE 35 BD 74
119D: Author of the SYSLINUX boot loader, maintainer of the linux.* news
120D: hierarchy and the Linux Device List; various kernel hacks
121S: 4390 Albany Drive #46
122S: San Jose, California 95129
123S: USA
125N: Andrea Arcangeli
126E: andrea@suse.de
127W: https://www.kernel.org/pub/linux/kernel/people/andrea/
128P: 1024D/68B9CB43 13D9 8355 295F 4823 7C49  C012 DFA1 686E 68B9 CB43
129P: 1024R/CB4660B9 CC A0 71 81 F4 A0 63 AC  C0 4B 81 1D 8C 15 C8 E5
130D: Parport hacker
131D: Implemented a workaround for some interrupt buggy printers
132D: Author of pscan that helps to fix lp/parport bugs
133D: Author of lil (Linux Interrupt Latency benchmark)
134D: Fixed the shm swap deallocation at swapoff time (try_to_unuse message)
135D: VM hacker
136D: Various other kernel hacks
137S: Imola 40026
138S: Italy
140N: Derek Atkins
141E: warlord@MIT.EDU
142D: Linux-AFS Port, random kernel hacker,
143D: VFS fixes (new notify_change in particular)
144D: Moving all VFS access checks into the file systems
145S: MIT Room E15-341
146S: 20 Ames Street
147S: Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139
148S: USA
150N: Michel Aubry
151E: giovanni <giovanni@sudfr.com>
152D: Aladdin 1533/1543(C) chipset IDE
153D: VIA MVP-3/TX Pro III chipset IDE
155N: Jens Axboe
156E: axboe@suse.de
157D: Linux CD-ROM maintainer, DVD support
158D: elevator + block layer rewrites
159D: highmem I/O support
160D: misc hacking on IDE, SCSI, block drivers, etc
161S: Peter Bangs Vej 258, 2TH
162S: 2500 Valby
163S: Denmark
165N: John Aycock
166E: aycock@cpsc.ucalgary.ca
167D: Adaptec 274x driver
168S: Department of Computer Science
169S: University of Calgary
170S: Calgary, Alberta
171S: Canada
173N: Miles Bader
174E: miles@gnu.org
175D: v850 port (uClinux)
176S: NEC Corporation
177S: 1753 Shimonumabe, Nakahara-ku
178S: Kawasaki 211-8666
179S: Japan
181N: Ralf Baechle
182E: ralf@gnu.org
183P: 1024/AF7B30C1 CF 97 C2 CC 6D AE A7 FE  C8 BA 9C FC 88 DE 32 C3
184D: Linux/MIPS port
185D: Linux/68k hacker
186S: Hauptstrasse 19
187S: 79837 St. Blasien
188S: Germany
190N: Krishna Balasubramanian
191E: balasub@cis.ohio-state.edu
192D: Wrote SYS V IPC (part of standard kernel since 0.99.10)
194B: Robert Baldyga
195E: r.baldyga@hackerion.com
196D: Samsung S3FWRN5 NCI NFC Controller
198N: Chris Ball
199E: chris@printf.net
200D: Former maintainer of the MMC/SD/SDIO subsystem.
202N: Dario Ballabio
203E: ballabio_dario@emc.com
204E: dario.ballabio@tiscalinet.it
205E: dario.ballabio@inwind.it
206D: Author and maintainer of the Ultrastor 14F/34F SCSI driver
207D: Author and maintainer of the EATA ISA/EISA/PCI SCSI driver
208S: EMC Corporation
209S: Milano
210S: Italy
212N: Paul Bame
213E: bame@debian.org
214E: bame@puffin.external.hp.com
215E: paul_bame@hp.com
216W: http://www.parisc-linux.org
217D: PA-RISC 32 and 64-bit early boot, firmware interface, interrupts, misc
218S: MS42
219S: Hewlett-Packard
220S: 3404 E Harmony Rd
221S: Fort Collins, CO 80525
222S: USA
224N: Arindam Banerji
225E: axb@cse.nd.edu
226D: Contributed ESDI driver routines needed to port LINUX to the PS/2 MCA.
227S: Department of Computer Science & Eng.
228S: University of Notre Dame
229S: Notre Dame, Indiana
230S: USA
232N: Greg Banks
233E: gnb@alphalink.com.au
234D: IDT77105 ATM network driver
235D: some SuperH port work
236D: some trivial futzing with kconfig
238N: James Banks
239E: james@sovereign.org
240D: TLAN network driver
241D: Logitech Busmouse driver
243N: Krzysztof G. Baranowski
244E: kgb@manjak.knm.org.pl
245P: 1024/FA6F16D1 96 D1 1A CF 5F CA 69 EC  F9 4F 36 1F 6D 60 7B DA
246D: Maintainer of the System V file system.
247D: System V fs update for 2.1.x dcache.
248D: Forward ported a couple of SCSI drivers.
249D: Various bugfixes.
250S: ul. Koscielna 12a
251S: 62-300 Wrzesnia
252S: Poland
254N: Fred Barnes
255E: frmb2@ukc.ac.uk
256D: Various parport/ppdev hacks and fixes
257S: Computing Lab, The University
258S: Canterbury, KENT
259S: CT2 7NF
260S: England
262N: Paul Barton-Davis
263E: pbd@op.net
264D: Driver for WaveFront soundcards (Turtle Beach Maui, Tropez, Tropez+)
265D: Various bugfixes and changes to sound drivers
266S: USA
268N: Carlos Henrique Bauer
269E: chbauer@acm.org
270E: bauer@atlas.unisinos.br
271D: Some new sysctl entries for the parport driver.
272D: New sysctl function for handling unsigned longs
273S: Universidade do Vale do Rio dos Sinos - UNISINOS
275S: Av. Unisinos, 950
276S: 93022000 Sao Leopoldo RS
277S: Brazil
279N: Peter Bauer
280E: 100136.3530@compuserve.com
281D: Driver for depca-ethernet-board
282S: 69259 Wilhemsfeld
283S: Rainweg 15
284S: Germany
286N: Fred Baumgarten
287E: dc6iq@insl1.etec.uni-karlsruhe.de
288E: dc6iq@adacom.org
289E: dc6iq@db0ais.#hes.deu.eu (packet radio)
290D: NET-2 & netstat(8)
291S: Soevener Strasse 11
292S: 53773 Hennef
293S: Germany
295N: Donald Becker
296E: becker@cesdis.gsfc.nasa.gov
297D: General low-level networking hacker
298D: Most of the ethercard drivers
299D: Original author of the NFS server
300S: USRA Center of Excellence in Space Data and Information Sciences
301S: Code 930.5, Goddard Space Flight Center
302S: Greenbelt, Maryland 20771
303S: USA
305N: Adam Belay
306E: ambx1@neo.rr.com
307D: Linux Plug and Play Support
308S: USA
310N: Daniele Bellucci
311E: bellucda@tiscali.it
312D: Various Janitor work.
313W: http://web.tiscali.it/bellucda
314S: Via Delle Palme, 9
315S: Terni 05100
316S: Italy
318N: Krzysztof Benedyczak
319E: golbi@mat.uni.torun.pl
320W: http://www.mat.uni.torun.pl/~golbi
321D: POSIX message queues fs (with M. Wronski)
322S: ul. Podmiejska 52
323S: Radunica
324S: 83-000 Pruszcz Gdanski
325S: Poland
327N: Randolph Bentson
328E: bentson@grieg.seaslug.org
329W: http://www.aa.net/~bentson/
330P: 1024/39ED5729 5C A8 7A F4 B2 7A D1 3E  B5 3B 81 CF 47 30 11 71
331D: Author of driver for Cyclom-Y and Cyclades-Z async mux
332S: 2322 37th Ave SW
333S: Seattle, Washington 98126-2010
334S: USA
336N: Muli Ben-Yehuda
337E: mulix@mulix.org
338E: muli@il.ibm.com
339W: http://www.mulix.org
340D: trident OSS sound driver, x86-64 dma-ops and Calgary IOMMU,
341D: KVM and Xen bits and other misc. hackery.
342S: Haifa, Israel
344N: Johannes Berg
345E: johannes@sipsolutions.net
346W: https://johannes.sipsolutions.net/
347P: 4096R/7BF9099A C0EB C440 F6DA 091C 884D  8532 E0F3 73F3 7BF9 099A
348D: powerpc & 802.11 hacker
350N: Stephen R. van den Berg (AKA BuGless)
351E: berg@pool.informatik.rwth-aachen.de
352D: General kernel, gcc, and libc hacker
353D: Specialisation: tweaking, ensuring portability, tweaking, cleaning,
354D: tweaking and occasionally debugging :-)
355S: Bouwensstraat 22
356S: 6369 BG Simpelveld
357S: The Netherlands
359N: Peter Berger
360E: pberger@brimson.com
361W: http://www.brimson.com
362D: Author/maintainer of Digi AccelePort USB driver
363S: 1549 Hiironen Rd.
364S: Brimson, MN  55602
365S: USA
367N: Hennus Bergman
368P: 1024/77D50909 76 99 FD 31 91 E1 96 1C  90 BB 22 80 62 F6 BD 63
369D: Author and maintainer of the QIC-02 tape driver
370S: The Netherlands
372N: Tomas Berndtsson
373E: tomas@nocrew.org
374W: http://tomas.nocrew.org/
375D: dsp56k device driver
377N: Ross Biro
378E: ross.biro@gmail.com
379D: Original author of the Linux networking code
381N: Anton Blanchard
382E: anton@samba.org
383W: https://samba.org/~anton/
384P: 1024/8462A731 4C 55 86 34 44 59 A7 99  2B 97 88 4A 88 9A 0D 97
385D: sun4 port, Sparc hacker
387N: Hugh Blemings
388E: hugh@blemings.org
389W: http://blemings.org/hugh
390D: Original author of the Keyspan USB to serial drivers, random PowerPC hacker
391S: PO Box 234
392S: Belconnen ACT 2616
393S: Australia
395N: Philip Blundell
396E: philb@gnu.org
397D: Linux/ARM hacker
398D: Device driver hacker (eexpress, 3c505, c-qcam, ...)
399D: m68k port to HP9000/300
400D: AUN network protocols
401D: Co-architect of the parallel port sharing system
402D: IPv6 netfilter
403S: FutureTV Labs Ltd
404S: Brunswick House, 61-69 Newmarket Rd, Cambridge CB5 8EG
405S: United Kingdom
407N: Thomas Bogend��rfer
408E: tsbogend@alpha.franken.de
409D: PCnet32 driver, SONIC driver, JAZZ_ESP driver
410D: newport abscon driver, g364 framebuffer driver
411D: strace for Linux/Alpha
412D: Linux/MIPS hacker
413S: Schafhofstr. 40
414S: 90556 Cadolzburg
415S: Germany
417N: Bill Bogstad
418E: bogstad@pobox.com
419D: wrote /proc/self hack, minor samba & dosemu patches
421N: Axel Boldt
422E: axel@uni-paderborn.de
423W: http://math-www.uni-paderborn.de/~axel/
424D: Configuration help text support
425D: Linux CD and Support Giveaway List
427N: Erik Inge Bols��
428E: knan@mo.himolde.no
429D: Misc kernel hacks
430D: Updated PC speaker driver for 2.3
431S: Norway
433N: Andreas E. Bombe
434E: andreas.bombe@munich.netsurf.de
435W: http://home.pages.de/~andreas.bombe/
436P: 1024/04880A44 72E5 7031 4414 2EB6 F6B4  4CBD 1181 7032 0488 0A44
437D: IEEE 1394 subsystem rewrite and maintainer
438D: Texas Instruments PCILynx IEEE 1394 driver
440N: Al Borchers
441E: alborchers@steinerpoint.com
442D: Author/maintainer of Digi AccelePort USB driver
443D: work on usbserial and keyspan_pda drivers
444S: 4912 Zenith Ave. S.
445S: Minneapolis, MN  55410
446S: USA
448N: Marc Boucher
449E: marc@mbsi.ca
450P: CA 67 A5 1A 38 CE B6 F2  D5 83 51 03 D2 9C 30 9E  CE D2 DD 65
451D: Netfilter core
452D: IP policy routing by mark
453D: Various fixes (mostly networking)
454S: Montreal, Quebec
455S: Canada
457N: Zolt��n B��sz��rm��nyi
458E: zboszor@mail.externet.hu
459D: MTRR emulation with Cyrix style ARR registers, Athlon MTRR support
461N: John Boyd
462E: boyd@cis.ohio-state.edu
463D: Co-author of wd7000 SCSI driver
464S: 101 Curl Drive #591
465S: Columbus, Ohio 43210
466S: USA
468N: Peter Braam
469E: braam@clusterfs.com
470W: http://www.clusterfs.com/
471D: Coda & InterMezzo filesystems
472S: 181 McNeil
473S: Canmore, AB
474S: Canada, T1W 2R9
476N: Ryan Bradetich
477E: rbradetich@uswest.net
478D: Linux/PA-RISC hacker
479S: 1200 Goldenrod Dr.
480S: Nampa, Idaho 83686
481S: USA
483N: Dirk J. Brandewie
484E: dirk.j.brandewie@intel.com
485E: linux-wimax@intel.com
486D: Intel Wireless WiMAX Connection 2400 SDIO driver
488N: Derrick J. Brashear
489E: shadow@dementia.org
490W: http://www.dementia.org/~shadow
491P: 512/71EC9367 C5 29 0F BC 83 51 B9 F0  BC 05 89 A0 4F 1F 30 05
492D: Author of Sparc CS4231 audio driver, random Sparc work
493S: 403 Gilmore Avenue
494S: Trafford, Pennsylvania 15085
495S: USA
497N: Dag Brattli
498E: dagb@cs.uit.no
499W: http://www.cs.uit.no/~dagb
500D: IrDA Subsystem
501S: 19. Wellington Road
502S: Lancaster, LA1 4DN
503S: UK, England
505N: Lars Brinkhoff
506E: lars@nocrew.org
507W: http://lars.nocrew.org/
508D: dsp56k device driver
509D: ptrace proxy in user mode kernel port
510S: Kopmansg 2
511S: 411 13  Goteborg
512S: Sweden
514N: Paul Bristow
515E: paul@paulbristow.net
516W: https://paulbristow.net/linux/idefloppy.html
517D: Maintainer of IDE/ATAPI floppy driver
519N: Stefano Brivio
520E: stefano.brivio@polimi.it
521D: Broadcom B43 driver
523N: Dominik Brodowski
524E: linux@brodo.de
525W: https://www.brodo.de/
526P: 1024D/725B37C6  190F 3E77 9C89 3B6D BECD  46EE 67C3 0308 725B 37C6
527D: parts of CPUFreq code, ACPI bugfixes, PCMCIA rewrite, cpufrequtils
528S: Tuebingen, Germany
530N: Andries Brouwer
531E: aeb@cwi.nl
532D: random Linux hacker
533S: Bessemerstraat 21
534S: Amsterdam
535S: The Netherlands
537N: NeilBrown
538E: neil@brown.name
539P: 4096R/566281B9 1BC6 29EB D390 D870 7B5F  497A 39EC 9EDD 5662 81B9
540D: NFSD Maintainer 2000-2007
541D: MD Maintainer 2001-2016
543N: Zach Brown
544E: zab@zabbo.net
545D: maestro pci sound
547N: David Brownell
548D: Kernel engineer, mentor, and friend.  Maintained USB EHCI and
549D: gadget layers, SPI subsystem, GPIO subsystem, and more than a few
550D: device drivers.  His encouragement also helped many engineers get
551D: started working on the Linux kernel.  David passed away in early
552D: 2011, and will be greatly missed.
553W: https://lore.kernel.org/lkml/20110405034819.GA7872@kroah.com
555N: Gary Brubaker
556E: xavyer@ix.netcom.com
557D: USB Serial Empeg Empeg-car Mark I/II Driver
559N: Matthias Bruestle
560E: m@mbsks.franken.de
561D: REINER SCT cyberJack pinpad/e-com USB chipcard reader driver
562S: Germany
564N: Adrian Bunk
565P: 1024D/4F12B400  B29C E71E FE19 6755 5C8A  84D4 99FC EA98 4F12 B400
566D: misc kernel hacking and testing
568N: Ray Burr
569E: ryb@nightmare.com
570D: Original author of Amiga FFS filesystem
571S: Orlando, Florida
572S: USA
574N: Paul Burton
575E: paulburton@kernel.org
576W: https://pburton.com
577D: MIPS maintainer 2018-2020
579N: Lennert Buytenhek
580E: kernel@wantstofly.org
581D: Original (2.4) rewrite of the ethernet bridging code
582D: Various ARM bits and pieces
583S: Ravenhorst 58
584S: 2317 AK Leiden
585S: The Netherlands
587N: Michael Callahan
588E: callahan@maths.ox.ac.uk
589D: PPP for Linux
590S: The Mathematical Institute
591S: 25-29 St Giles
592S: Oxford
593S: United Kingdom
595N: Luiz Fernando N. Capitulino
596E: lcapitulino@mandriva.com.br
597E: lcapitulino@gmail.com
598W: http://www.cpu.eti.br
599D: misc kernel hacking
600S: Mandriva
601S: Brazil
603N: Remy Card
604E: Remy.Card@masi.ibp.fr
605E: Remy.Card@linux.org
606D: Extended file system [defunct] designer and developer
607D: Second extended file system designer and developer
608S: Institut Blaise Pascal
609S: 4 Place Jussieu
610S: 75252 Paris Cedex 05
611S: France
613N: Ulf Carlsson
614D: SGI Indy audio (HAL2) drivers
615E: ulfc@bun.falkenberg.se
617N: Ed Carp
618E: ecarp@netcom.com
619D: uucp, elm, pine, pico port
620D: cron, at(1) developer
621S: 48287 Sawleaf
622S: Fremont, California 94539
623S: USA
625N: Florent Chabaud
626E: florent.chabaud@polytechnique.org
627D: software suspend
629S: 58, Bd Latour-Maubourg
630S: 75700 Paris 07 SP
631S: France
633N: Gordon Chaffee
634E: chaffee@cs.berkeley.edu
635W: http://bmrc.berkeley.edu/people/chaffee/
636D: vfat, fat32, joliet, native language support
637S: 3700 Warwick Road
638S: Fremont, California 94555
639S: USA
641N: Chih-Jen Chang
642E: chihjenc@scf.usc.edu
643E: chihjen@iis.sinica.edu.tw
644D: IGMP(Internet Group Management Protocol) version 2
645S: 3F, 65 Tajen street
646S: Tamsui town, Taipei county,
647S: Taiwan 251
648S: Republic of China
650N: Reinette Chatre
651E: reinette.chatre@intel.com
652D: WiMedia Link Protocol implementation
653D: UWB stack bits and pieces
655N: Michael Elizabeth Chastain
656E: mec@shout.net
657D: Configure, Menuconfig, xconfig
659N: Mauro Carvalho Chehab
660E: m.chehab@samsung.org
661E: mchehab@osg.samsung.com
662E: mchehab@infradead.org
663D: Media subsystem (V4L/DVB) drivers and core
664D: EDAC drivers and EDAC 3.0 core rework
665S: Brazil
667N: Raymond Chen
668E: raymondc@microsoft.com
669D: Author of Configure script
670S: 14509 NE 39th Street #1096
671S: Bellevue, Washington 98007
672S: USA
674N: Chris Cheney
675E: chris.cheney@gmail.com
676E: ccheney@redhat.com
677P: 1024D/8E384AF2 2D31 1927 87D7 1F24 9FF9  1BC5 D106 5AB3 8E38 4AF2
678D: Vista Imaging usb webcam driver
679S: 2308 Therrell Way
680S: McKinney, TX 75070
681S: USA
683N: Stuart Cheshire
684E: cheshire@cs.stanford.edu
685D: Author of Starmode Radio IP (STRIP) driver
686D: Originator of design for new combined interrupt handlers
687S: William Gates Department
688S: Stanford University
689S: Stanford, California 94305
690S: USA
692N: Carlos Chinea
693E: carlos.chinea@nokia.com
694E: cch.devel@gmail.com
695D: Author of HSI Subsystem
697N: Randolph Chung
698E: tausq@debian.org
699D: Linux/PA-RISC hacker
700S: Hong Kong
702N: Juan Jose Ciarlante
703W: http://juanjox.kernelnotes.org/
704E: jjciarla@raiz.uncu.edu.ar
705E: jjo@mendoza.gov.ar
706D: Network driver alias support
707D: IP masq hashing and app modules
708D: IP masq 2.1 features and bugs
709S: Las Cuevas 2385 - Bo Guemes
710S: Las Heras, Mendoza CP 5539
711S: Argentina
713N: Jay Cliburn
714E: jcliburn@gmail.com
715D: ATLX Ethernet drivers
717N: Steven P. Cole
718E: scole@lanl.gov
719E: elenstev@mesatop.com
720D: Various build fixes and kernel documentation.
721S: Los Alamos, New Mexico
722S: USA
724N: Hamish Coleman
725E: hamish@zot.apana.org.au
726D: SEEQ8005 network driver
727S: 98 Paxton Street
728S: East Malvern, Victoria, 3145
729S: Australia
731N: Neil Conway
732E: nconway.list@ukaea.org.uk
733D: Assorted sched/mm titbits
734S: Oxfordshire, UK.
736N: Kees Cook
737E: kees@outflux.net
738E: kees@ubuntu.com
739E: keescook@chromium.org
740W: http://outflux.net/blog/
741P: 4096R/DC6DC026 A5C3 F68F 229D D60F 723E  6E13 8972 F4DF DC6D C026
742D: Various security things, bug fixes, and documentation.
743S: (ask for current address)
744S: Portland, Oregon
745S: USA
747N: Jason Cooper
748D: ARM/Marvell SOC co-maintainer
749D: irqchip co-maintainer
750D: MVEBU PCI DRIVER co-maintainer
752N: Robin Cornelius
753E: robincornelius@users.sourceforge.net
754D: Ralink rt2x00 WLAN driver
755S: Cornwall, U.K.
757N: Mark Corner
758E: mcorner@umich.edu
759W: http://www.eecs.umich.edu/~mcorner/
760D: USB Bluetooth Driver
761S: University of Michigan
762S: Ann Arbor, MI
764N: Michael Cornwell
765E: cornwell@acm.org
766D: Original designer and co-author of ATA Taskfile
767D: Kernel module SMART utilities
768S: Santa Cruz, California
769S: USA
771N: Luis Correia
772E: luisfcorreia@gmail.com
773D: Ralink rt2x00 WLAN driver
774S: Belas, Portugal
776N: Alan Cox
777W: http://www.linux.org.uk/diary/
778D: Linux Networking (0.99.10->2.0.29)
779D: Original Appletalk, AX.25, and IPX code
780D: 3c501 hacker
781D: Watchdog timer drivers
782D: Linux/SMP x86 (up to 2.0 only)
783D: Initial Mac68K port
784D: Video4Linux design, bw-qcam and PMS driver ports.
785D: IDE modularisation work
786D: Z85230 driver
787D: Former security contact point (please use vendor-sec@lst.de)
788D: ex 2.2 maintainer
789D: 2.1.x modular sound
790D: Assigned major/minor numbers maintainer at lanana.org
791S: c/o Red Hat UK Ltd
792S: Alexandra House
793S: Alexandra Terrace
794S: Guildford, GU1 3DA
795S: United Kingdom
797N: Cristian Mihail Craciunescu
798W: http://www.dnt.ro/~cristi/
799E: cristi@dnt.ro
800D: Support for Xircom PGSDB9 (firmware and host driver)
801S: Bucharest
802S: Romania
804N: Laurence Culhane
805E: loz@holmes.demon.co.uk
806D: Wrote the initial alpha SLIP code
807S: 81 Hood Street
808S: Northampton
809S: NN1 3QT
810S: United Kingdom
812N: Massimo Dal Zotto
813E: dz@debian.org
814D: i8k Dell laptop SMM driver
816N: Uwe Dannowski
817E: Uwe.Dannowski@ira.uka.de
818W: http://i30www.ira.uka.de/~dannowsk/
819D: FORE PCA-200E driver
820S: University of Karlsruhe
821S: Germany
823N: Ray Dassen
824E: jdassen@wi.LeidenUniv.nl
825W: http://www.wi.leidenuniv.nl/~jdassen/
826P: 1024/672D05C1 DD 60 32 60 F7 90 64 80  E7 6F D4 E4 F8 C9 4A 58
827D: Debian GNU/Linux: www.debian.org maintainer, FAQ co-maintainer,
828D: packages testing, nit-picking & fixing. Enjoying BugFree (TM) kernels.
829S: Zuidsingel 10A
830S: 2312 SB  Leiden
831S: The Netherlands
833N: David Davies
834E: davies@wanton.lkg.dec.com
835D: Network driver author - depca, ewrk3 and de4x5
836D: Wrote shared interrupt support
837S: Digital Equipment Corporation
838S: 550 King Street
839S: Littleton, Massachusetts 01460
840S: USA
842N: Frank Davis
843E: fdavis@si.rr.com
844E: fdavis112@juno.com
845D: Various kernel patches
846S: 8 Lakeview Terr.
847S: Kerhonkson, NY 12446
848S: USA
850N: Wayne Davison
851E: davison@borland.com
852D: Second extended file system co-designer
854N: Terry Dawson
855E: terry@perf.no.itg.telecom.com.au
856E: terry@albert.vk2ktj.ampr.org (Amateur Radio use only)
857D: trivial hack to add variable address length routing to Rose.
859D: ax25-utils maintainer.
861N: Kamil Debski
862E: kamil@wypas.org
863D: Samsung S5P 2D graphics acceleration and Multi Format Codec drivers
864D: Samsung USB2 phy drivers
865D: PWM fan driver
867N: Helge Deller
868E: deller@gmx.de
869W: http://www.parisc-linux.org/
870D: PA-RISC Linux architecture maintainer
871D: LASI-, ASP-, WAX-, LCD/LED-driver
872S: Germany
874N: Jean Delvare
875E: jdelvare@suse.de
876W: http://jdelvare.nerim.net/
877D: Several hardware monitoring drivers
878S: France
880N: Peter Denison
881E: peterd@pnd-pc.demon.co.uk
882W: http://www.pnd-pc.demon.co.uk/promise/
883D: Promise DC4030VL caching HD controller drivers
885N: Todd J. Derr
886E: tjd@fore.com
887W: https://www.wordsmith.org/~tjd
888D: Random console hacks and other miscellaneous stuff
889S: 3000 FORE Drive
890S: Warrendale, Pennsylvania 15086
891S: USA
893N: Martin Devera
894E: devik@cdi.cz
895W: http://luxik.cdi.cz/~devik/qos/
896D: HTB qdisc and random networking hacks
898N: Alex deVries
899E: alex@onefishtwo.ca
900D: Various SGI parts, bits of HAL2 and Newport, PA-RISC Linux.
901S: 41.5 William Street
902S: Ottawa, Ontario
903S: K1N 6Z9
906N: Jeff Dike
907E: jdike@karaya.com
908W: http://user-mode-linux.sourceforge.net
909D: User mode kernel port
910S: 375 Tubbs Hill Rd
911S: Deering NH 03244
912S: USA
914N: Matt Domsch
915E: Matt_Domsch@dell.com
916W: https://www.dell.com/linux
917W: https://domsch.com/linux
918D: Linux/IA-64
919D: Dell PowerEdge server, SCSI layer, misc drivers, and other patches
920S: Dell Inc.
921S: One Dell Way
922S: Round Rock, TX  78682
923S: USA
925N: Mattia Dongili
926E: malattia@gmail.com
927D: cpufrequtils (precursor to cpupowerutils)
929N: Ben Dooks
930E: ben-linux@fluff.org
931E: ben@simtec.co.uk
932W: http://www.fluff.org/ben/
933W: http://www.simtec.co.uk/
934D: Samsung S3C2410/S3C2440 support, general ARM support
935D: Maintaining Simtec Electronics development boards
936S: Simtec Electronics
937S: Avondale Drive
938S: Tarleton
939S: Preston
940S: Lancs
941S: PR4 6AX
942S: United Kingdom
944N: Ivo van Doorn
945E: IvDoorn@gmail.com
946W: http://www.mendiosus.nl
947D: Ralink rt2x00 WLAN driver
948S: Haarlem, The Netherlands
950N: John G Dorsey
951E: john+@cs.cmu.edu
952D: ARM Linux ports to Assabet/Neponset, Spot
953S: Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
954S: Carnegie Mellon University
955S: Pittsburgh, PA  15213
956S: USA
958N: Eddie C. Dost
959E: ecd@skynet.be
960D: Linux/Sparc kernel hacker
961D: Linux/Sparc maintainer
962S: Rue de la Chapelle 51
963S: 4850 Moresnet
964S: Belgium
966N: Cort Dougan
967E: cort@fsmlabs.com
968W: http://www.fsmlabs.com/linuxppcbk.html
969D: PowerPC
971N: Daniel Drake
972E: dsd@gentoo.org
973D: USBAT02 CompactFlash support in usb-storage
974S: UK
976N: Oleg Drokin
977E: green@ccssu.crimea.ua
978W: http://www.ccssu.crimea.ua/~green
979D: Cleaning up sound drivers, SA1100 Watchdog.
980S: Skvoznoy per., 14a
981S: Evpatoria
982S: Crimea
983S: UKRAINE, 334320
985N: Walt Drummond
986E: drummond@valinux.com
987D: Linux/IA-64
988S: 1382 Bordeaux Drive
989S: Sunnyvale, CA 94087
990S: USA
992N: Bruno Ducrot
993E: ducrot@poupinou.org
994D: CPUFreq and ACPI bugfixes.
995S: Mougin, France
997N: Don Dugger
998E: n0ano@valinux.com
999D: Linux/IA-64
1000S: 1209 Pearl Street, #12
1001S: Boulder, CO 80302
1002S: USA
1004N: Thomas Dunbar
1005E: tdunbar@vt.edu
1006D: TeX & METAFONT hacking/maintenance
1007S: Virginia Tech Computing Center
1008S: 1700 Pratt Drive
1009S: Blacksburg, Virginia 24061
1010S: USA
1012N: Randy Dunlap
1013E: rdunlap@infradead.org
1014W: https://www.infradead.org/~rdunlap/
1015D: Linux-USB subsystem, USB core/UHCI/printer/storage drivers
1016D: x86 SMP, ACPI, bootflag hacking
1017D: documentation, builds
1018S: (ask for current address)
1019S: USA
1021N: Bob Dunlop
1022E: rjd@xyzzy.clara.co.uk
1023E: bob.dunlop@farsite.co.uk
1024W: www.farsite.co.uk
1025D: FarSync card device driver
1026S: FarSite Communications Ltd
1027S: Tempus Business Centre
1028S: 60 Kingsclere Road
1029S: Basingstoke       RG21 6XG
1030S: UK
1032N: Cyrus Durgin
1033E: cider@speakeasy.org
1034W: http://www.speakeasy.org/~cider/
1035D: implemented kmod
1037N: Torsten Duwe
1038E: Torsten.Duwe@informatik.uni-erlangen.de
1039D: Part-time kernel hacker
1040D: The Linux Support Team Erlangen
1041S: Grevenbroicher Str. 17
1042S: 47807 Krefeld
1043S: Germany
1045N: Tom Dyas
1046E: tdyas@eden.rutgers.edu
1047D: minor hacks and some sparc port stuff
1048S: New Jersey
1049S: USA
1051N: Drew Eckhardt
1052E: drew@PoohSticks.ORG
1053D: SCSI code
1054D: Assorted snippets elsewhere
1055D: Boot sector "..." printing
1056S: 2037 Walnut #6
1057S: Boulder, Colorado 80302
1058S: USA
1060N: Hans-Christian Noren Egtvedt
1061E: egtvedt@samfundet.no
1062D: AVR32 architecture maintainer.
1064N: Heiko Ei��feldt
1065E: heiko@colossus.escape.de heiko@unifix.de
1066D: verify_area stuff, generic SCSI fixes
1067D: SCSI Programming HOWTO
1068D: POSIX.1 compliance testing
1069S: Unifix Software GmbH
1070S: Bueltenweg 27a
1071S: D-38106 Braunschweig
1072S: Germany
1074N: Bjorn Ekwall
1075E: bj0rn@blox.se
1076W: http://www.pi.se/blox/
1077D: Extended support for loadable modules
1078D: D-Link pocket adapter drivers
1079S: Brevia 1043
1080S: S-114 79 Stockholm
1081S: Sweden
1083N: Pekka Enberg
1084E: penberg@cs.helsinki.fi
1085W: http://www.cs.helsinki.fi/u/penberg/
1086D: Various kernel hacks, fixes, and cleanups.
1087D: Slab allocators
1088S: Finland
1090N: David Engebretsen
1091E: engebret@us.ibm.com
1092D: Linux port to 64-bit PowerPC architecture
1094N: Michael Engel
1095E: engel@unix-ag.org
1096D: DECstation framebuffer drivers
1097S: Germany
1099N: Paal-Kristian Engstad
1100E: engstad@intermetrics.com
1101D: Kernel smbfs (to mount WfW, NT and OS/2 network drives.)
1102S: 17101 Springdale Street #225
1103S: Huntington Beach, California 92649
1104S: USA
1106N: Stephane Eranian
1107E: eranian@hpl.hp.com
1108D: Linux/ia64
1109S: 1501 Page Mill Rd, MS 1U17
1110S: Palo Alto, CA 94304
1111S: USA
1113N: Johannes Erdfelt
1114E: johannes@erdfelt.com
1115D: Linux/IA-64 bootloader and kernel goop, USB
1116S: 6350 Stoneridge Mall Road
1117S: Pleasanton, CA 94588
1118S: USA
1120N: Dmitry Eremin-Solenikov
1121E: dbaryshkov@gmail.com
1122D: Power Supply Maintainer from v3.14 - v3.15
1124N: Doug Evans
1125E: dje@cygnus.com
1126D: Wrote Xenix FS (part of standard kernel since 0.99.15)
1128N: Riccardo Facchetti
1129E: fizban@tin.it
1130P: 1024/6E657BB5 AF 22 90 33 78 76 04 8B  AF F9 97 1E B5 E2 65 30
1131D: Audio Excel DSP 16 init driver author
1132D: libmodem author
1133D: Yet Another Micro Monitor port and current maintainer
1134D: First ELF-HOWTO author
1135D: random kernel hacker
1136S: Via Paolo VI n.29
1137S: 23900 - LECCO (Lc)
1138S: Italy
1140N: Nils Faerber
1141E: nils@kernelconcepts.de
1142D: i810 TCO watchdog driver author
1143D: Mitsumi LU005 tests and fixes
1144D: port and fixes of cs46xx sounddriver
1145S: Dreisbachstrasse 24
1146S: D-57250 Netphen
1147S: Germany
1149N: Rik Faith
1150E: faith@acm.org
1151D: Future Domain TMC-16x0 SCSI driver (author)
1152D: APM driver (early port)
1153D: DRM drivers (author of several)
1155N: J��nos Farkas
1156E: chexum@shadow.banki.hu
1157D: romfs, various (mostly networking) fixes
1158P: 1024/F81FB2E1 41 B7 E4 E6 3E D4 A6 71  6D 9C F3 9F F2 BF DF 6E
1159S: Madar��sz Viktor utca 25
1160S: 1131 Budapest
1161S: Hungary
1163N: Ben Fennema
1164E: bfennema@falcon.csc.calpoly.edu
1165W: http://www.csc.calpoly.edu/~bfennema
1166D: UDF filesystem
1167S: (ask for current address)
1168S: USA
1170N: J��rgen Fischer
1171E: fischer@norbit.de
1172D: Author of Adaptec AHA-152x SCSI driver
1173S: Schulstra��e 18
1174S: 26506 Norden
1175S: Germany
1177N: Jeremy Fitzhardinge
1178E: jeremy@goop.org
1179W: https://www.goop.org/~jeremy
1180D: author of userfs filesystem
1181D: Improved mmap and munmap handling
1182D: General mm minor tidyups
1183D: autofs v4 maintainer
1184D: Xen subsystem
1185S: 987 Alabama St
1186S: San Francisco
1187S: CA, 94110
1188S: USA
1190N: Ralf Flaxa
1191E: rfflaxa@immd4.informatik.uni-erlangen.de
1192D: The Linux Support Team Erlangen
1193D: Creator of LST distribution
1194D: Author of installation tool LISA
1195S: Pfitznerweg 6
1196S: 74523 Schwaebisch Hall
1197S: Germany
1199N: Lawrence Foard
1200E: entropy@world.std.com
1201D: Floppy track reading, fs code
1202S: 217 Park Avenue, Suite 108
1203S: Worcester, Massachusetts 01609
1204S: USA
1206N: Karl Fogel
1207E: kfogel@cs.oberlin.edu
1208D: Contributor, Linux User's Guide
1209S: 1123 North Oak Park Avenue
1210S: Oak Park, Illinois 60302
1211S: USA
1213N: Daniel J. Frasnelli
1214E: dfrasnel@alphalinux.org
1215W: http://www.alphalinux.org/
1216P: 1024/3EF87611 B9 F1 44 50 D3 E8 C2 80  DA E5 55 AA 56 7C 42 DA
1217D: DEC Alpha hacker
1218D: Miscellaneous bug squisher
1220N: Jim Freeman
1221E: jfree@sovereign.org
1222W: http://www.sovereign.org/
1223D: Initial GPL'd Frame Relay driver
1224D: Dynamic PPP devices
1225D: Sundry modularizations (PPP, IPX, ...) and fixes
1227N: Bob Frey
1228E: bobf@advansys.com
1229D: AdvanSys SCSI driver
1230S: 1150 Ringwood Court
1231S: San Jose, California 95131
1232S: USA
1234N: Adam Fritzler
1235E: mid@zigamorph.net
1237N: Fernando Fuganti
1238E: fuganti@conectiva.com.br
1239E: fuganti@netbank.com.br
1240D: random kernel hacker, ZF MachZ Watchdog driver
1241S: Conectiva S.A.
1242S: R. Tocantins, 89 - Cristo Rei
1243S: 80050-430 - Curitiba - Paran��
1244S: Brazil
1246N: Oded Gabbay
1247E: ogabbay@kernel.org
1248D: HabanaLabs maintainer
1249S: 29 Duchifat St.
1250S: Ra'anana 4372029
1251S: Israel
1253N: Kumar Gala
1254E: galak@kernel.crashing.org
1255D: Embedded PowerPC 6xx/7xx/74xx/82xx/83xx/85xx support
1256S: Austin, Texas 78729
1257S: USA
1259N: Nigel Gamble
1260E: nigel@nrg.org
1261D: Interrupt-driven printer driver
1262D: Preemptible kernel
1263S: 120 Alley Way
1264S: Mountain View, California 94040
1265S: USA
1267N: Jeff Garzik
1268E: jgarzik@pobox.com
1270N: Jacques Gelinas
1271E: jacques@solucorp.qc.ca
1272D: Author of the Umsdos file system
1273S: 1326 De Val-Brillant
1274S: Laval, Quebec
1275S: Canada H7Y 1V9
1277N: David Gentzel
1278E: gentzel@telerama.lm.com
1279D: Original BusLogic driver and original UltraStor driver
1280S: Whitfield Software Services
1281S: 600 North Bell Avenue, Suite 160
1282S: Carnegie, Pennsylvania 15106-4304
1283S: USA
1285N: Kai Germaschewski
1286E: kai@germaschewski.name
1287D: Major kbuild rework during the 2.5 cycle
1288D: ISDN Maintainer
1289S: USA
1291N: Gerrit Renker
1292E: gerrit@erg.abdn.ac.uk
1293D: DCCP protocol support.
1295N: Philip Gladstone
1296E: philip@gladstonefamily.net
1297D: Kernel / timekeeping stuff
1298S: Carlisle, MA 01741
1299S: USA
1301N: Jan-Benedict Glaw
1302E: jbglaw@lug-owl.de
1303D: SRM environment driver (for Alpha systems)
1304P: 1024D/8399E1BB 250D 3BCF 7127 0D8C A444  A961 1DBD 5E75 8399 E1BB
1306N: Thomas Gleixner
1307E: tglx@linutronix.de
1308D: NAND flash hardware support, JFFS2 on NAND flash
1310N: Richard E. Gooch
1311E: rgooch@atnf.csiro.au
1312D: parent process death signal to children
1313D: prctl() syscall
1314D: /proc/mtrr support to manipulate MTRRs on Intel P6 family
1315D: Device FileSystem (devfs)
1316S: CSIRO Australia Telescope National Facility
1317S: P.O. Box 76, Epping
1318S: New South Wales, 2121
1319S: Australia
1321N: Carlos E. Gorges
1322E: carlos@techlinux.com.br
1323D: fix smp support on cmpci driver
1324P: 2048G/EA3C4B19 FF31 33A6 0362 4915 B7EB  E541 17D0 0379 EA3C 4B19
1325S: Brazil
1327N: Dmitry S. Gorodchanin
1328E: pgmdsg@ibi.com
1329D: RISCom/8 driver, misc kernel fixes.
1330S: 4 Main Street
1331S: Woodbridge, Connecticut 06525
1332S: USA
1334N: Paul Gortmaker
1335E: p_gortmaker@yahoo.com
1336D: Author of RTC driver & several net drivers, Ethernet & BootPrompt Howto.
1337D: Made support for modules, ramdisk, generic-serial, etc. optional.
1338D: Transformed old user space bdflush into 1st kernel thread - kflushd.
1339D: Many other patches, documentation files, mini kernels, utilities, ...
1341N: Masanori GOTO
1342E: gotom@debian.or.jp
1343D: Workbit NinjaSCSI-32Bi/UDE driver
1344S: Japan
1346N: John E. Gotts
1347E: jgotts@linuxsavvy.com
1348D: kernel hacker
1349S: 8124 Constitution Apt. 7
1350S: Sterling Heights, Michigan 48313
1351S: USA
1353N: Wolfgang Grandegger
1354E: wg@grandegger.com
1355D: Controller Area Network (device drivers)
1357N: William Greathouse
1358E: wgreathouse@smva.com
1359E: wgreathouse@myfavoritei.com
1360D: Current Belkin USB Serial Adapter F5U103 hacker
1361D: Kernel hacker, embedded systems
1362S: 7802 Fitzwater Road
1363S: Brecksville, OH  44141-1334
1364S: USA
1366N: Tristan Greaves
1367E: tristan@extricate.org
1368W: http://www.extricate.org/
1369D: Miscellaneous ipv4 sysctl patches
1371N: Michael A. Griffith
1372E: grif@cs.ucr.edu
1373W: http://www.cs.ucr.edu/~grif
1374D: Loopback speedup, qlogic SCSI hacking, VT_LOCKSWITCH
1375S: Department of Computer Science
1376S: University of California, Riverside
1377S: Riverside, California 92521-0304
1378S: USA
1380N: Hans Grobler
1381E: grobh@sun.ac.za
1382D: Various AX.25/ROSE/NETROM + hamradio driver patches
1383D: Various X.25/LABP + driver patches
1384D: Misc kernel fixes and updates
1385S: Department of Electronic Engineering
1386S: University of Stellenbosch
1387S: Stellenbosch, Western Cape
1388S: South Africa
1390N: Grant Grundler
1391E: grantgrundler@gmail.com
1392W: http://obmouse.sourceforge.net/
1393W: http://www.parisc-linux.org/
1394D: obmouse - rewrote Olivier Florent's Omnibook 600 "pop-up" mouse driver
1395D: PA-RISC - Interrupt/PCI HBA/IOMMU author and architect
1396S: Mountain View, California
1397S: USA
1399N: Grant Guenther
1400E: grant@torque.net
1401W: http://www.torque.net/linux-pp.html
1402D: original author of ppa driver for parallel port ZIP drive
1403D: original architect of the parallel-port sharing scheme
1404D: PARIDE subsystem: drivers for parallel port IDE & ATAPI devices
1405S: 44 St. Joseph Street, Suite 506
1406S: Toronto, Ontario, M4Y 2W4
1407S: Canada
1409N: Richard G��nther
1410E: rguenth@tat.physik.uni-tuebingen.de
1411W: http://www.tat.physik.uni-tuebingen.de/~rguenth
1412P: 2048/2E829319 2F 83 FC 93 E9 E4 19 E2  93 7A 32 42 45 37 23 57
1413D: binfmt_misc
1414S: 72074 T��bingen
1415S: Germany
1417N: Justin Guyett
1418E: jguyett@andrew.cmu.edu
1419D: via-rhine net driver hacking
1421N: Danny ter Haar
1422E: dth@cistron.nl
1423D: /proc/cpuinfo, reboot on panic , kernel pre-patch tester ;)
1424S: Cistron
1425S: PO-Box 297
1426S: 2400 AG, Alphen aan den Rijn
1427S: The Netherlands
1429N: Enver Haase
1430E: ehaase@inf.fu-berlin.de
1431W: http://www.inf.fu-berlin.de/~ehaase
1432D: Driver for the Commodore A2232 serial board
1434N: Bruno Haible
1435E: haible@ma2s2.mathematik.uni-karlsruhe.de
1436D: SysV FS, shm swapping, memory management fixes
1437S: 17 rue Danton
1438S: F - 94270 Le Kremlin-Bic��tre
1439S: France
1441N: Jack Hammer
1442D: IBM ServeRAID RAID (ips) driver maintenance
1444N: Greg Hankins
1445E: gregh@cc.gatech.edu
1446D: fixed keyboard driver to separate LED and locking status
1447S: 25360 Georgia Tech Station
1448S: Atlanta, Georgia 30332
1449S: USA
1451N: Brad Hards
1452E: bradh@frogmouth.net
1453D: Various USB bits, other minor patches
1455N: Angelo Haritsis
1456E: ah@computer.org
1457D: kernel patches (serial, watchdog)
1458D: xringd, vuzkern, greekXfonts
1459S: 77 Clarence Mews
1460S: London SE16 1GD
1461S: United Kingdom
1463N: Jan Harkes
1464E: jaharkes@cs.cmu.edu
1465W: http://www.coda.cs.cmu.edu/
1466D: Coda file system
1467S: Computer Science Department
1468S: Carnegie Mellon University
1469S: 5000 Forbes Avenue
1470S: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15213
1471S: USA
1473N: Kai Harrekilde-Petersen
1474E: kai.harrekilde@get2net.dk
1475D: Original author of the ftape-HOWTO, i82078 fdc detection code.
1477N: Bart Hartgers
1478E: bart@etpmod.phys.tue.nl
1479D: MTRR emulation with Centaur MCRs
1480S: Gen Stedmanstraat 212
1481S: 5623 HZ Eindhoven
1482S: The Netherlands
1484N: Oliver Hartkopp
1485E: oliver.hartkopp@volkswagen.de
1486W: https://www.volkswagen.de
1487D: Controller Area Network (network layer core)
1488S: Brieffach 1776
1489S: 38436 Wolfsburg
1490S: Germany
1492N: Andrew Haylett
1493E: ajh@primag.co.uk
1494D: Selection mechanism
1496N: Andre Hedrick
1497E: andre@linux-ide.org
1498E: andre@linuxdiskcert.org
1499W: http://www.linux-ide.org/
1500W: http://www.linuxdiskcert.org/
1501D: Random SMP kernel hacker...
1502D: Uniform Multi-Platform E-IDE driver
1503D: Active-ATA-Chipset maddness..........
1504D: Ultra DMA 133/100/66/33 w/48-bit Addressing
1505D: ATA-Disconnect, ATA-TCQ
1506D: ATA-Smart Kernel Daemon
1507D: Serial ATA
1508D: ATA Command Block and Taskfile
1509S: Linux ATA Development (LAD)
1510S: Concord, CA
1512N: Jochen Hein
1513E: jochen@jochen.org
1514P: 1024/4A27F015 25 72 FB E3 85 9F DE 3B  CB 0A DA DA 40 77 05 6C
1515P: 1024D/77D4FC9B F5C5 1C20 1DFC DEC3 3107  54A4 2332 ADFC 77D4 FC9B
1516D: National Language Support
1517D: Linux Internationalization Project
1518D: German Localization for Linux and GNU software
1519S: Auf der Fittel 18
1520S: 53347 Alfter
1521S: Germany
1523N: Christoph Hellwig
1524E: hch@infradead.org
1525D: all kinds of driver, filesystem & core kernel hacking
1526D: freevxfs driver
1527D: sysvfs maintainer
1528D: chief codingstyle nitpicker
1529S: Ampferstr. 50 / 4
1530S: 6020 Innsbruck
1531S: Austria
1533N: Richard Henderson
1534E: rth@twiddle.net
1535E: rth@cygnus.com
1536D: Alpha hacker, kernel and userland
1537S: 1668 California St.
1538S: Mountain View, California 94041
1539S: USA
1541N: Benjamin Herrenschmidt
1542E: benh@kernel.crashing.org
1543D: Various parts of PPC/PPC64 & PowerMac
1544S: 312/107 Canberra Avenue
1545S: Griffith, ACT 2603
1546S: Australia
1548N: Andreas Herrmann
1549E: herrmann.der.user@gmail.com
1550E: herrmann.der.user@googlemail.com
1551D: Key developer of x86/AMD64
1552D: Author of AMD family 15h processor power monitoring driver
1553D: Maintainer of AMD Athlon 64 and Opteron processor frequency driver
1554S: Germany
1556N: Sebastian Hetze
1557E: she@lunetix.de
1558D: German Linux Documentation,
1559D: Organization of German Linux Conferences
1560S: Danckelmannstr. 48
1561S: 14059 Berlin
1562S: Germany
1564N: David Hinds
1565E: dahinds@users.sourceforge.net
1566W: http://tao.stanford.edu/~dhinds
1567D: PCMCIA and CardBus stuff, PCMCIA-HOWTO, PCMCIA client drivers
1568S: 2019 W. Middlefield Rd #1
1569S: Mountain View, CA  94043
1570S: USA
1572N: Michael Hipp
1573E: hippm@informatik.uni-tuebingen.de
1574D: drivers for the racal ni5210 & ni6510 Ethernet-boards
1575S: Talstr. 1
1576S: D - 72072 Tuebingen
1577S: Germany
1579N: Richard Hirst
1580E: richard@sleepie.demon.co.uk
1581E: rhirst@linuxcare.com
1582W: http://www.sleepie.demon.co.uk/
1583D: linux-m68k VME support
1584D: PA-RISC port, scsi and network drivers
1585D: 53c700/53c710 driver author, 82596 driver maintainer
1586S: United Kingdom
1588N: Jauder Ho
1589E: jauderho@carumba.com
1590W: http://www.carumba.com/
1591D: bug toaster (A1 sauce makes all the difference)
1592D: Random linux hacker
1594N: James Hogan
1595E: jhogan@kernel.org
1596D: Metag architecture maintainer
1597D: TZ1090 SoC maintainer
1599N: Tim Hockin
1600E: thockin@hockin.org
1601W: http://www.hockin.org/~thockin
1602D: Natsemi ethernet
1603D: Cobalt Networks (x86) support
1604D: This-and-That
1606N: Mark M. Hoffman
1607E: mhoffman@lightlink.com
1608D: asb100, lm93 and smsc47b397 hardware monitoring drivers
1609D: hwmon subsystem core
1610D: hwmon subsystem maintainer
1611D: i2c-sis96x and i2c-stub SMBus drivers
1612S: USA
1614N: Dirk Hohndel
1615E: hohndel@suse.de
1616D: The XFree86[tm] Project
1617D: USB mouse maintainer
1618S: SuSE Rhein/Main AG
1619S: Mergenthalerallee 45-47
1620S: 65760 Eschborn
1621S: Germany
1623N: Kenji Hollis
1624E: kenji@bitgate.com
1625W: https://www.bitgate.com/
1626D: Berkshire PC Watchdog Driver
1627D: Small/Industrial Driver Project
1629N: Nick Holloway
1630E: Nick.Holloway@pyrites.org.uk
1631W: https://www.pyrites.org.uk/
1632P: 1024/36115A04 F4E1 3384 FCFD C055 15D6  BA4C AB03 FBF8 3611 5A04
1633D: Occasional Linux hacker...
1634S: (ask for current address)
1635S: United Kingdom
1637N: Ron Holt
1638E: ron@holt.org
1639E: rholt@netcom.com
1640W: http://www.holt.org/
1641W: http://www.ronholt.com/
1642D: Kernel development
1643D: Kernel LDT modifications to support Wabi and Wine
1644S: Holtron Internetics, Inc.
1645S: 998 East 900 South, Suite 26
1646S: Provo, Utah 84606-5607
1647S: USA
1649N: Marcel Holtmann
1650E: marcel@holtmann.org
1651W: http://www.holtmann.org
1652D: Maintainer of the Linux Bluetooth Subsystem
1653D: Author and maintainer of the various Bluetooth HCI drivers
1654D: Author and maintainer of the CAPI message transport protocol driver
1655D: Author and maintainer of the Bluetooth HID protocol driver
1656D: Various other Bluetooth related patches, cleanups and fixes
1657S: Germany
1659N: Rob W. W. Hooft
1660E: hooft@EMBL-Heidelberg.DE
1661D: Shared libs for graphics-tools and for the f2c compiler
1662D: Some kernel programming on the floppy and sound drivers in early days
1663D: Some other hacks to get different kinds of programs to work for linux
1664S: Panoramastrasse 18
1665S: D-69126 Heidelberg
1666S: Germany
1668N: Simon Horman
1669M: horms@verge.net.au
1670D: Renesas ARM/ARM64 SoC maintainer
1672N: Christopher Horn
1673E: chorn@warwick.net
1674D: Miscellaneous sysctl hacks
1675S: 36 Mudtown Road
1676S: Wantage, New Jersey 07461
1677S: USA
1679N: Harald Hoyer
1680E: harald@redhat.com
1681W: https://www.harald-hoyer.de
1682D: ip_masq_quake
1683D: md boot support
1684S: Am Strand 5
1685S: D-19063 Schwerin
1686S: Germany
1688N: Jan Hubicka
1689E: hubicka@freesoft.cz
1690E: hubicka@suse.cz
1691W: http://www.paru.cas.cz/~hubicka/
1692D: Random kernel tweaks and fixes.
1693S: Dukelskych bojovniku 1944
1694S: Tabor 390 03
1695S: Czech Republic
1697N: David Huggins-Daines
1698E: dhd@debian.org
1699E: dhd@eradicator.org
1700E: dhd@cepstral.com
1701D: PA-RISC port
1702D: Nubus subsystem
1703D: Generic 68k Macintosh framebuffer driver
1704D: STI framebuffer tweaks
1705D: LTPC driver tweaks
1706S: 110 S. 12th St., Apt. A
1707S: Pittsburgh, PA 15203-1250
1708S: USA
1710N: Gareth Hughes
1711E: gareth.hughes@acm.org
1712D: Pentium III FXSR, SSE support
1713D: Author/maintainer of most DRM drivers (especially ATI, MGA)
1714D: Core DRM templates, general DRM and 3D-related hacking
1715S: No fixed address
1717N: Kenn Humborg
1718E: kenn@wombat.ie
1719D: Mods to loop device to support sparse backing files
1720S: Ballinagard
1721S: Roscommon
1722S: Ireland
1724N: Michael Hunold
1725E: michael@mihu.de
1726W: http://www.mihu.de/linux/
1727D: Generic saa7146 video4linux-2 driver core,
1728D: Driver for the "Multimedia eXtension Board", "dpc7146",
1729D: "Hexium Orion", "Hexium Gemini"
1731N: Miguel de Icaza Amozurrutia
1732E: miguel@nuclecu.unam.mx
1733D: Linux/SPARC team, Midnight Commander maintainer
1734S: Avenida Copilco 162, 22-1003
1735S: Mexico, DF
1736S: Mexico
1738N: Ian Jackson
1739E: iwj10@cus.cam.ac.uk
1740E: ijackson@nyx.cs.du.edu
1741D: FAQ maintainer and poster of the daily postings
1742D: FSSTND group member
1743D: Debian core team member and maintainer of several Debian packages
1744S: 2 Lexington Close
1745S: Cambridge
1746S: CB3 0DS
1747S: United Kingdom
1749N: Andreas Jaeger
1750E: aj@suse.de
1751D: Various smaller kernel fixes
1752D: glibc developer
1753S: Gottfried-Kinkel-Str. 18
1754S: D 67659 Kaiserslautern
1755S: Germany
1757N: Mike Jagdis
1758E: jaggy@purplet.demon.co.uk
1759E: Mike.Jagdis@purplet.demon.co.uk
1760D: iBCS personalities, socket and X interfaces, x.out loader, syscalls...
1761D: Purple Distribution maintainer
1762D: UK FidoNet support
1763D: ISODE && PP
1764D: Kernel and device driver hacking
1765S: 280 Silverdale Road
1766S: Earley
1767S: Reading
1768S: RG6 2NU
1769S: United Kingdom
1771N: Dave Jeffery
1772E: dhjeffery@gmail.com
1773D: SCSI hacks and IBM ServeRAID RAID driver maintenance
1775N: Jakub Jelinek
1776E: jakub@redhat.com
1777W: http://sunsite.mff.cuni.cz/~jj
1778P: 1024/0F7623C5 53 95 71 3C EB 73 99 97  02 49 40 47 F9 19 68 20
1779D: Sparc hacker, SILO, mc
1780D: Maintain sunsite.mff.cuni.cz
1781S: K osmidomkum 723
1782S: 160 00 Praha 6
1783S: Czech Republic
1785N: Niels Kristian Bech Jensen
1786E: nkbj1970@hotmail.com
1787D: Miscellaneous kernel updates and fixes.
1789N: Michael K. Johnson
1790E: johnsonm@redhat.com
1791W: http://www.redhat.com/~johnsonm
1792P: 1024/4536A8DD 2A EC 88 08 40 64 CE D8  DD F8 12 2B 61 43 83 15
1793D: The Linux Documentation Project
1794D: Kernel Hackers' Guide
1795D: Procps
1796D: Proc filesystem
1797D: Maintain tsx-11.mit.edu
1798D: LP driver
1799S: 201 Howell Street, Apartment 1C
1800S: Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27514-4818
1801S: USA
1803N: Dave Jones
1804E: davej@codemonkey.org.uk
1805D: Assorted VIA x86 support.
1806D: 2.5 AGPGART overhaul.
1807D: CPUFREQ maintenance.
1808D: Fedora kernel maintenance (2003-2014).
1809D: 'Trinity' and similar fuzz testing work.
1810D: Misc/Other.
1812N: Martin Josfsson
1813E: gandalf@wlug.westbo.se
1814P: 1024D/F6B6D3B1 7610 7CED 5C34 4AA6 DBA2  8BE1 5A6D AF95 F6B6 D3B1
1815D: netfilter: SAME target
1816D: netfilter: helper target
1817D: netfilter: various other hacks
1818S: Ronneby
1819S: Sweden
1821N: Ani Joshi
1822E: ajoshi@shell.unixbox.com
1823D: fbdev hacking
1825N: Jesper Juhl
1826E: jj@chaosbits.net
1827D: Various fixes, cleanups and minor features all over the tree.
1828D: Wrote initial version of the hdaps driver (since passed on to others).
1829S: Lemnosvej 1, 3.tv
1830S: 2300 Copenhagen S.
1831S: Denmark
1833N: Jozsef Kadlecsik
1834E: kadlec@netfilter.org
1835P: 1024D/470DB964 4CB3 1A05 713E 9BF7 FAC5  5809 DD8C B7B1 470D B964
1836D: netfilter: TCP window tracking code
1837D: netfilter: raw table
1838D: netfilter: iprange match
1839D: netfilter: new logging interfaces
1840D: netfilter: various other hacks
1841S: Tata
1842S: Hungary
1844N: Bernhard Kaindl
1845E: bkaindl@netway.at
1846E: edv@bartelt.via.at
1847D: Author of a menu based configuration tool, kmenu, which
1848D: is the predecessor of 'make menuconfig' and 'make xconfig'.
1849D: digiboard driver update(modularisation work and 2.1.x upd)
1850S: Tallak 95
1851S: 8103 Rein
1852S: Austria
1854N: Mitsuru Kanda
1855E: mk@linux-ipv6.org
1856E: mk@isl.rdc.toshiba.co.jp
1857E: mk@karaba.org
1858W: http://www.karaba.org/~mk/
1859P: 1024D/2EC7E30D 4DC3 949B 5A6C F0D6 375F  4472 8888 A8E1 2EC7 E30D
1860D: IPsec, IPv6
1862S: 2-47-8, Takinogawa,
1863S: Kita, Tokyo 114-0023
1864S: Japan
1866N: Jan Kara
1867E: jack@atrey.karlin.mff.cuni.cz
1868E: jack@suse.cz
1869D: Quota fixes for 2.2 kernel
1870D: Quota fixes for 2.3 kernel
1871D: Few other fixes in filesystem area (buffer cache, isofs, loopback)
1872W: http://atrey.karlin.mff.cuni.cz/~jack/
1873S: Krosenska' 543
1874S: 181 00 Praha 8
1875S: Czech Republic
1877N: Murali Karicheri
1878E: m-karicheri2@ti.com
1879D: Keystone NetCP driver
1880D: Keystone PCIe host controller driver
1882N: Jan "Yenya" Kasprzak
1883E: kas@fi.muni.cz
1884D: Author of the COSA/SRP sync serial board driver.
1885D: Port of the syncppp.c from the 2.0 to the 2.1 kernel.
1886P: 1024/D3498839 0D 99 A7 FB 20 66 05 D7  8B 35 FC DE 05 B1 8A 5E
1887W: https://www.fi.muni.cz/~kas/
1888S: c/o Faculty of Informatics, Masaryk University
1889S: Botanicka' 68a
1890S: 602 00 Brno
1891S: Czech Republic
1893N: Jakob Kemi
1894E: jakob.kemi@telia.com
1895D: V4L W9966 Webcam driver
1896S: Forsbyv��gen 33
1897S: 74143 Knivsta
1898S: Sweden
1900N: Fred N. van Kempen
1901E: waltje@linux.com
1902D: NET-2
1903D: Drivers
1904D: Kernel cleanups
1905S: Korte Heul 95
1906S: 1403 ND  BUSSUM
1907S: The Netherlands
1909N: Martin Kepplinger
1910E: martink@posteo.de
1911E: martin.kepplinger@puri.sm
1912W: http://www.martinkepplinger.com
1913P: 4096R/5AB387D3 F208 2B88 0F9E 4239 3468  6E3F 5003 98DF 5AB3 87D3
1914D: mma8452 accelerators iio driver
1915D: pegasus_notetaker input driver
1916D: Kernel fixes and cleanups
1917S: Garnisonstra��e 26
1918S: 4020 Linz
1919S: Austria
1921N: Karl Keyte
1922E: karl@koft.com
1923D: Disk usage statistics and modifications to line printer driver
1924S: 26a Sheen Road
1925S: Richmond
1926S: Surrey
1927S: TW9 1AE
1928S: United Kingdom
1930N: Marko Kiiskila
1931E: marko@iprg.nokia.com
1932D: Author of ATM Lan Emulation
1933S: 660 Harvard Ave. #7
1934S: Santa Clara, CA 95051
1935S: USA
1937N: Kukjin Kim
1938E: kgene@kernel.org
1939D: Samsung S3C, S5P and Exynos ARM architectures
1941N: Milo Kim
1942D: TI LP855x, LP8727 and LP8788 drivers
1944N: Sangbeom Kim
1945E: sbkim73@samsung.com
1946D: Samsung SoC Audio (ASoC) drivers
1947D: Samsung PMIC (RTC, regulators, MFD) drivers
1949N: Russell King
1950E: rmk@arm.linux.org.uk
1951D: Linux/arm integrator, maintainer & hacker
1952D: Acornfb, Cyber2000fb author
1953S: Burgh Heath, Tadworth, Surrey.
1954S: England
1956N: Olaf Kirch
1957E: okir@monad.swb.de
1958D: Author of the Linux Network Administrators' Guide
1959S: Kattreinstr 38
1960S: D-64295
1961S: Germany
1963N: Avi Kivity
1964E: avi.kivity@gmail.com
1965D: Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM)
1966S: Ra'annana, Israel
1968N: Andi Kleen
1969E: andi@firstfloor.org
1970W: http://www.halobates.de
1971D: network, x86, NUMA, various hacks
1972S: Schwalbenstr. 96
1973S: 85551 Ottobrunn
1974S: Germany
1976N: Ian Kluft
1977E: ikluft@thunder.sbay.org
1978W: http://www.kluft.com/~ikluft/
1979D: NET-1 beta testing & minor patches, original Smail binary packages for
1980D: Slackware and Debian, vote-taker for 2nd comp.os.linux reorganization
1981S: Post Office Box 611311
1982S: San Jose, California 95161-1311
1983S: USA
1985N: Hartmut Knaack
1986E: knaack.h@gmx.de
1987D: IIO subsystem and drivers
1989N: Thorsten Knabe
1990E: Thorsten Knabe <tek@rbg.informatik.tu-darmstadt.de>
1991E: Thorsten Knabe <tek01@hrzpub.tu-darmstadt.de>
1992W: http://www.student.informatik.tu-darmstadt.de/~tek
1993W: http://www.tu-darmstadt.de/~tek01
1994P: 1024/3BC8D885 8C 29 C5 0A C0 D1 D6 F4  20 D4 2D AB 29 F6 D0 60
1995D: AD1816 sound driver
1996S: Am Bergfried 10
1997S: 63225 Langen
1998S: Germany
2000N: Alain L. Knaff
2001E: Alain.Knaff@lll.lu
2002D: floppy driver
2003S: 19, rue Jean l'Aveugle
2004S: L-1148 Luxembourg-City
2005S: Luxembourg
2007N: Gerd Knorr
2008W: http://bytesex.org
2009E: kraxel@bytesex.org
2010E: kraxel@suse.de
2011D: video4linux, bttv, vesafb, some scsi, misc fixes
2013N: Hans J. Koch
2015D: Hans passed away in June 2016, and will be greatly missed.
2016W: https://lwn.net/Articles/691000/
2018N: Harald Koenig
2019E: koenig@tat.physik.uni-tuebingen.de
2020D: XFree86 (S3), DCF77, some kernel hacks and fixes
2021S: Koenigsberger Str. 90
2022S: D-72336 Balingen
2023S: Germany
2025N: Rudolf Koenig
2026E: rfkoenig@immd4.informatik.uni-erlangen.de
2027D: The Linux Support Team Erlangen
2029N: Andreas Koensgen
2030E: ajk@comnets.uni-bremen.de
2031D: 6pack driver for AX.25
2033N: Harald Koerfgen
2034E: hkoerfg@web.de
2035D: Linux/MIPS kernel hacks and fixes,
2036D: DECstation port, Sharp Mobilon port
2037S: D-50931 Koeln
2038S: Germany
2040N: Willy Konynenberg
2041E: willy@xos.nl
2042W: http://www.xos.nl/
2043D: IP transparent proxy support
2044S: X/OS Experts in Open Systems BV
2045S: Kruislaan 419
2046S: 1098 VA Amsterdam
2047S: The Netherlands
2049N: Goran Koruga
2050E: korugag@siol.net
2051D: cpufrequtils (precursor to cpupowerutils)
2052S: Slovenia
2054N: Jiri Kosina
2055E: jikos@jikos.cz
2056E: jkosina@suse.cz
2057D: Generic HID layer - original code split, fixes
2058D: Various ACPI fixes, keeping correct battery state through suspend
2059D: various lockdep annotations, autofs and other random bugfixes
2060S: Prague, Czech Republic
2062N: Gene Kozin
2063E: 74604.152@compuserve.com
2064W: https://www.sangoma.com
2065D: WAN Router & Sangoma WAN drivers
2066S: Sangoma Technologies Inc.
2067S: 7170 Warden Avenue, Unit 2
2068S: Markham, Ontario
2069S: L3R 8B2
2070S: Canada
2072N: Maxim Krasnyansky
2073E: maxk@qualcomm.com
2074W: http://vtun.sf.net
2075W: http://bluez.sf.net
2076D: Author of the Universal TUN/TAP driver
2077D: Author of the Linux Bluetooth Subsystem (BlueZ)
2078D: Various other kernel patches, cleanups and fixes
2079S: 2213 La Terrace Circle
2080S: San Jose, CA 95123
2081S: USA
2083N: Andreas S. Krebs
2084E: akrebs@altavista.net
2085D: CYPRESS CY82C693 chipset IDE, Digital's PC-Alpha 164SX boards
2087N: Greg Kroah-Hartman
2088E: greg@kroah.com
2089E: gregkh@suse.de
2090W: http://www.kroah.com/linux/
2091D: USB Serial Converter driver framework, USB Handspring Visor driver
2092D: ConnectTech WHITEHeat USB driver, Generic USB Serial driver
2093D: USB I/O Edgeport driver, USB Serial IrDA driver
2094D: USB Bluetooth driver, USB Skeleton driver
2095D: bits and pieces of USB core code.
2096D: PCI Hotplug core, PCI Hotplug Compaq driver modifications
2097D: portions of the Linux Security Module (LSM) framework
2098D: parts of the driver core, debugfs.
2100N: Russell Kroll
2101E: rkroll@exploits.org
2102W: http://www.exploits.org/
2103D: V4L radio cards: radio-aztech (new), others (bugfixes/features)
2104D: Loopback block device: dynamic sizing ("max_loop" as module)
2105S: Post Office Box 691886
2106S: San Antonio, Texas 78269-1886
2107S: USA
2109N: Denis O. Kropp
2110E: dok@directfb.org
2111D: NeoMagic framebuffer driver
2112S: Badensche Str. 46
2113S: 10715 Berlin
2114S: Germany
2116N: Andrzej M. Krzysztofowicz
2117E: ankry@mif.pg.gda.pl
2118D: Some 8-bit XT disk driver and devfs hacking
2119D: Aladdin 1533/1543(C) chipset IDE
2120D: PIIX chipset IDE
2121S: ul. Matemblewska 1B/10
2122S: 80-283 Gdansk
2123S: Poland
2125N: Gero Kuhlmann
2126E: gero@gkminix.han.de
2127D: mounting root via NFS
2128S: Donarweg 4
2129S: D-30657 Hannover
2130S: Germany
2132N: Markus Kuhn
2133E: mskuhn@cip.informatik.uni-erlangen.de
2134W: http://wwwcip.informatik.uni-erlangen.de/user/mskuhn
2135D: Unicode, real-time, time, standards
2136S: Schlehenweg 9
2137S: D-91080 Uttenreuth
2138S: Germany
2140N: Jaya Kumar
2141E: jayalk@intworks.biz
2142W: http://www.intworks.biz
2143D: Arc monochrome LCD framebuffer driver, x86 reboot fixups
2144D: pirq addr, CS5535 alsa audio driver
2145S: Gurgaon, India
2146S: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
2148N: Mohit Kumar
2149D: ST Microelectronics SPEAr13xx PCI host bridge driver
2150D: Synopsys DesignWare PCI host bridge driver
2152N: Gabor Kuti
2153E: seasons@falcon.sch.bme.hu
2154E: seasons@makosteszta.sote.hu
2155D: Original author of software suspend
2157N: Alexey Kuznetsov
2158E: kuznet@ms2.inr.ac.ru
2159D: Author and maintainer of large parts of the networking stack
2161N: Jaroslav Kysela
2162E: perex@perex.cz
2163W: https://www.perex.cz
2164D: Original Author and Maintainer for HP 10/100 Mbit Network Adapters
2165D: ISA PnP
2166S: Sindlovy Dvory 117
2167S: 370 01  Ceske Budejovice
2168S: Czech Republic
2170N: Bas Laarhoven
2171E: sjml@xs4all.nl
2172D: Loadable modules and ftape driver
2173S: J. Obrechtstr 23
2174S: NL-5216 GP 's-Hertogenbosch
2175S: The Netherlands
2177N: Ashley Lai
2178E: ashleydlai@gmail.com
2179D: IBM VTPM driver
2181N: Savio Lam
2182E: lam836@cs.cuhk.hk
2183D: Author of the dialog utility, foundation
2184D: for Menuconfig's lxdialog.
2186N: Christoph Lameter
2187E: christoph@lameter.com
2188D: Digiboard PC/Xe and PC/Xi, Digiboard EPCA
2189D: NUMA support, Slab allocators, Page migration
2190D: Scalability, Time subsystem
2192N: Paul Laufer
2193E: paul@laufernet.com
2194D: Soundblaster driver fixes, ISAPnP quirk
2195S: California, USA
2197N: Jarkko Lavinen
2198E: jarkko.lavinen@nokia.com
2199D: OMAP MMC support
2201N: Jonathan Layes
2202D: ARPD support
2204N: Tom Lees
2205E: tom@lpsg.demon.co.uk
2206W: http://www.lpsg.demon.co.uk/
2207P: 1024/87D4D065 2A 66 86 9D 02 4D A6 1E  B8 A2 17 9D 4F 9B 89 D6
2208D: Original author and current maintainer of
2209D: PnP code.
2211N: David van Leeuwen
2212E: david@tm.tno.nl
2213D: Philips/LMS cm206 cdrom driver, generic cdrom driver
2214S: Scheltemalaan 14
2215S: 3817 KS Amersfoort
2216S: The Netherlands
2218N: Volker Lendecke
2219E: vl@kki.org
2220D: Kernel smbfs (to mount WfW, NT and OS/2 network drives.)
2221D: NCP filesystem support (to mount NetWare volumes)
2222S: Von-Ossietzky-Str. 12
2223S: 37085 G��ttingen
2224S: Germany
2226N: Kevin Lentin
2227E: kevinl@cs.monash.edu.au
2228D: NCR53C400/T130B SCSI extension to NCR5380 driver.
2229S: 18 Board Street
2230S: Doncaster VIC 3108
2231S: Australia
2233N: Hans Lermen
2234E: lermen@elserv.ffm.fgan.de
2235D: Author of the LOADLIN Linux loader, hacking on boot stuff
2236D: Coordinator of DOSEMU releases
2237S: Am Muehlenweg 38
2238S: D53424 Remagen
2239S: Germany
2241N: Colin Leroy
2242E: colin@colino.net
2243W: http://www.geekounet.org/
2244D: PowerMac adt746x fan driver
2245D: Random fixing of various drivers (macintosh, usb, sound)
2246S: Toulouse
2247S: France
2249N: Achim Leubner
2250E: achim_leubner@adaptec.com
2251D: GDT Disk Array Controller/Storage RAID controller driver
2252S: ICP vortex GmbH
2253S: Neckarsulm
2254S: Germany
2256N: Phil Lewis
2257E: beans@bucket.ualr.edu
2258D: Promised to send money if I would put his name in the source tree.
2259S: Post Office Box 371
2260S: North Little Rock, Arkansas 72115
2261S: USA
2263N: Christopher Li
2264E: sparse@chrisli.org
2265D: Sparse maintainer 2009 - 2018
2267N: Shaohua Li
2268D: Worked on many parts of the kernel, from core x86, ACPI, PCI, KVM, MM,
2269D: and much more. He was the maintainer of MD from 2016 to 2018. Shaohua
2270D: passed away late 2018, he will be greatly missed.
2271W: https://www.spinics.net/lists/raid/msg61993.html
2273N: Stephan Linz
2274E: linz@mazet.de
2275E: Stephan.Linz@gmx.de
2276W: http://www.crosswinds.net/~tuxer
2277D: PCILynx patch to work with 1394a PHY and without local RAM
2278S: (ask for current address)
2279S: Germany
2281N: Christophe Lizzi
2282E: lizzi@cnam.fr
2283W: http://cedric.cnam.fr/personne/lizzi
2284D: FORE Systems 200E-series ATM network driver, sparc64 port of ATM
2285S: CNAM, Laboratoire CEDRIC
2286S: 292, rue St-Martin
2287S: 75141 Paris Cedex 03
2288S: France
2290N: Siegfried "Frieder" Loeffler (dg1sek)
2291E: floeff@tunix.mathematik.uni-stuttgart.de, fl@LF.net
2292W: http://www.mathematik.uni-stuttgart.de/~floeff
2293D: Busmaster driver for HP 10/100 Mbit Network Adapters
2294S: University of Stuttgart, Germany and
2295S: Ecole Nationale Superieure des Telecommunications, Paris
2296S: France
2298N: Jamie Lokier
2299E: jamie@shareable.org
2300W: http://www.shareable.org/
2301D: Reboot-through-BIOS for broken 486 motherboards
2302D: Parport fixes, futex improvements
2303D: First instruction of x86 sysenter path :)
2304S: 51 Sunningwell Road
2305S: Oxford
2306S: OX1 4SZ
2307S: United Kingdom
2309N: Mark Lord
2310E: mlord@pobox.com
2311D: EIDE driver, hd.c support
2312D: EIDE PCI and bus-master DMA support
2313D: Hard Disk Parameter (hdparm) utility
2314S: 33 Ridgefield Cr
2315S: Nepean, Ontario
2316S: Canada K2H 6S3
2318N: Warner Losh
2319E: imp@village.org
2320D: Linux/MIPS Deskstation support, Provided OI/OB for Linux
2321S: 8786 Niwot Road
2322S: Niwot, Colorado 80503
2323S: USA
2325N: Robert M. Love
2326E: rml@tech9.net
2327E: rml@novell.com
2328D: misc. kernel hacking and debugging
2329S: Cambridge, MA 02139
2330S: USA
2332N: Martin von L��wis
2333E: loewis@informatik.hu-berlin.de
2334D: script binary format
2335D: NTFS driver
2337N: H.J. Lu
2338E: hjl@gnu.ai.mit.edu
2339D: GCC + libraries hacker
2341N: Yanir Lubetkin
2342E: yanirx.lubatkin@intel.com
2343E: linux-wimax@intel.com
2344D: Intel Wireless WiMAX Connection 2400 driver
2346N: Michal Ludvig
2347E: michal@logix.cz
2348E: michal.ludvig@asterisk.co.nz
2349W: http://www.logix.cz/michal
2350P: 1024D/C45B2218 1162 6471 D391 76E0 9F99  29DA 0C3A 2509 C45B 2218
2351D: VIA PadLock driver
2352D: Netfilter pkttype module
2353S: Asterisk Ltd.
2354S: Auckland
2355S: New Zealand
2357N: Tuomas J. Lukka
2358E: Tuomas.Lukka@Helsinki.FI
2359D: Original dual-monitor patches
2360D: Console-mouse-tracking patches
2361S: Puistokaari 1 E 18
2362S: 00200 Helsinki
2363S: Finland
2365N: Daniel J. Maas
2366E: dmaas@dcine.com
2367W: https://www.maasdigital.com
2368D: dv1394
2370N: Hamish Macdonald
2371E: hamishm@lucent.com
2372D: Linux/68k port
2373S: 32 Clydesdale Avenue
2374S: Kanata, Ontario
2375S: Canada K2M-2G7
2377N: Peter MacDonald
2378D: SLS distribution
2379D: Initial implementation of VC's, pty's and select()
2381N: Pavel Machek
2382E: pavel@ucw.cz
2383P: 4096R/92DFCE96 4FA7 9EEF FCD4 C44F C585  B8C7 C060 2241 92DF CE96
2384D: Softcursor for vga, hypertech cdrom support, vcsa bugfix, nbd,
2385D: sun4/330 port, capabilities for elf, speedup for rm on ext2, USB,
2386D: work on suspend-to-ram/disk, killing duplicates from ioctl32,
2387D: Altera SoCFPGA and Nokia N900 support.
2388S: Czech Republic
2390N: Paul Mackerras
2391E: paulus@samba.org
2392D: PPP driver
2393D: Linux for PowerPC
2394D: Linux port for PCI Power Macintosh
2396N: Pat Mackinlay
2397E: pat@it.com.au
2398D: 8 bit XT hard disk driver
2399D: Miscellaneous ST0x, TMC-8xx and other SCSI hacking
2400S: 25 McMillan Street
2401S: Victoria Park 6100
2402S: Australia
2404N: James B. MacLean
2405E: macleajb@ednet.ns.ca
2406W: http://www.ednet.ns.ca/~macleajb/dosemu.html
2407D: Former Coordinator of DOSEMU releases
2408D: Program in DOSEMU
2410S: Halifax, Nova Scotia
2411S: Canada B3J 3C8
2413N: Kai M��kisara
2414E: Kai.Makisara@kolumbus.fi
2415D: SCSI Tape Driver
2417N: Asit Mallick
2418E: asit.k.mallick@intel.com
2419D: Linux/IA-64
2420S: 2200 Mission College Blvd
2421S: Santa Clara, CA 95052
2422S: USA
2424N: Petko Manolov
2425E: petkan@users.sourceforge.net
2426D: USB ethernet pegasus/pegasus-II driver
2427D: USB ethernet rtl8150 driver
2428D: optimizing i[45]86 string routines
2429D: i386 task switching hacks
2430S: 482 Shadowgraph Dr.
2431S: San Jose, CA  95110
2432S: USA
2434N: Martin Mares
2435E: mj@ucw.cz
2436W: http://www.ucw.cz/~mj/
2437D: BIOS video mode handling code
2438D: MOXA C-218 serial board driver
2439D: Network autoconfiguration
2440D: PCI subsystem
2441D: Random kernel hacking
2442S: Kankovskeho 1241
2443S: 182 00 Praha 8
2444S: Czech Republic
2446N: John A. Martin
2447E: jam@acm.org
2448W: http://www.tux.org/~jam/
2449P: 1024/04456D53 9D A3 6C 6B 88 80 8A 61  D7 06 22 4F 95 40 CE D2
2450P: 1024/3B986635 5A61 7EE6 9E20 51FB 59FB  2DA5 3E18 DD55 3B98 6635
2451D: FSSTND contributor
2452D: Credit file compilator
2454N: Kevin E. Martin
2455E: martin@cs.unc.edu
2456D: Developed original accelerated X servers included in XFree86
2457D: XF86_Mach64
2458D: XF86_Mach32
2459D: XF86_Mach8
2460D: XF86_8514
2461D: cfdisk (curses based disk partitioning program)
2463N: John S. Marvin
2464E: jsm@fc.hp.com
2465D: PA-RISC port
2466S: Hewlett Packard
2467S: MS 42
2468S: 3404 E. Harmony Road
2469S: Fort Collins, CO 80528
2470S: USA
2472N: Torben Mathiasen
2473E: torben.mathiasen@compaq.com
2474E: torben@kernel.dk
2475W: http://tlan.kernel.dk
2476D: ThunderLAN maintainer
2477D: ThunderLAN updates and other kernel fixes.
2478S: Bremensgade 29, st.th
2479S: 2300 Copenhagen S
2480S: Denmark
2482N: Claudio S. Matsuoka
2483E: cmatsuoka@gmail.com
2484E: claudio@mandriva.com
2485W: http://helllabs.org/~claudio
2486D: V4L, OV511 and HDA-codec hacks
2487S: Conectiva S.A.
2488S: Souza Naves 1250
2489S: 80050-040  Curitiba PR
2490S: Brazil
2492N: Heinz Mauelshagen
2493E: mge@EZ-Darmstadt.Telekom.de
2494D: Logical Volume Manager
2495S: Bartningstr. 12
2496S: 64289 Darmstadt
2497S: Germany
2499N: Mark W. McClelland
2500E: mmcclell@bigfoot.com
2501E: mark@alpha.dyndns.org
2502W: http://alpha.dyndns.org/ov511/
2503P: 1024D/357375CC 317C 58AC 1B39 2AB0 AB96  EB38 0B6F 731F 3573 75CC
2504D: OV511 driver
2505S: (address available on request)
2506S: USA
2508N: Ian McDonald
2509E: ian.mcdonald@jandi.co.nz
2510E: imcdnzl@gmail.com
2511W: http://wand.net.nz/~iam4
2512W: http://imcdnzl.blogspot.com
2513D: DCCP, CCID3
2514S: Hamilton
2515S: New Zealand
2517N: Patrick McHardy
2518E: kaber@trash.net
2519P: 1024D/12155E80 B128 7DE6 FF0A C2B2 48BE  AB4C C9D4 964E 1215 5E80
2520D: netfilter: endless number of bugfixes
2521D: netfilter: CLASSIFY target
2522D: netfilter: addrtype match
2523D: tc: HFSC scheduler
2524S: Freiburg
2525S: Germany
2527N: Paul E. McKenney
2528E: paulmck@us.ibm.com
2529W: http://www.rdrop.com/users/paulmck/
2530D: RCU and variants
2531D: rcutorture module
2533N: Bradley McLean
2534E: brad@bradpc.gaylord.com
2535D: Device driver hacker
2536D: General kernel debugger
2537S: 249 Nichols Avenue
2538S: Syracuse, New York 13206
2539S: USA
2541N: Kyle McMartin
2542E: kyle@mcmartin.ca
2543D: Linux/PARISC hacker
2544D: AD1889 sound driver
2545S: Ottawa, Canada
2547N: Peter Meerwald-Stadler
2548E: pmeerw@pmeerw.net
2549W: https://pmeerw.net
2550D: IIO reviewing, drivers
2551S: Schie��standstr. 3a
2552S: A-5061 Elsbethen
2553S: Austria
2555N: Dirk Melchers
2556E: dirk@merlin.nbg.sub.org
2557D: 8 bit XT hard disk driver for OMTI5520
2558S: Schloessleinsgasse 31
2559S: D-90453 Nuernberg
2560S: Germany
2562N: Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo
2563E: acme@kernel.org
2564E: arnaldo.melo@gmail.com
2565E: acme@redhat.com
2566P: 1024D/9224DF01 D5DF E3BB E3C8 BCBB F8AD  841A B6AB 4681 9224 DF01
2567D: tools/, IPX, LLC, DCCP, cyc2x, wl3501_cs, net/ hacks
2568S: Brazil
2570N: Karsten Merker
2571E: merker@linuxtag.org
2572D: DECstation framebuffer drivers
2573S: Germany
2575N: Michael Meskes
2576E: meskes@debian.org
2577P: 1024/04B6E8F5 6C 77 33 CA CC D6 22 03  AB AB 15 A3 AE AD 39 7D
2578D: Kernel hacker. PostgreSQL hacker. Software watchdog daemon.
2579D: Maintainer of several Debian packages
2580S: Th.-Heuss-Str. 61
2581S: D-41812 Erkelenz
2582S: Germany
2584N: Nigel Metheringham
2585E: Nigel.Metheringham@ThePLAnet.net
2586P: 1024/31455639 B7 99 BD B8 00 17 BD 46  C1 15 B8 AB 87 BC 25 FA
2587D: IP Masquerading work and minor fixes
2588S: Planet Online
2589S: The White House, Melbourne Street, LEEDS
2590S: LS2 7PS, United Kingdom
2592N: Craig Metz
2593E: cmetz@inner.net
2594D: Some of PAS 16 mixer & PCM support, inet6-apps
2596N: William (Bill) Metzenthen
2597E: billm@suburbia.net
2598D: Author of the FPU emulator.
2599D: Minor kernel hacker for other lost causes (Hercules mono, etc).
2600S: 22 Parker Street
2601S: Ormond
2602S: Victoria 3163
2603S: Australia
2605N: Eric Miao
2606E: eric.y.miao@gmail.com
2607D: MMP support
2609N: Pauline Middelink
2610E: middelin@polyware.nl
2611D: General low-level bug fixes, /proc fixes, identd support
2612D: Author of IP masquerading
2613D: Zoran ZR36120 Video For Linux driver
2614S: Boterkorfhoek 34
2615S: 7546 JA  Enschede
2616S: Netherlands
2618N: David S. Miller
2619E: davem@davemloft.net
2620D: Sparc and blue box hacker
2621D: Vger Linux mailing list co-maintainer
2622D: Linux Emacs elf/qmagic support + other libc/gcc things
2623D: Yee bore de yee bore! ;-)
2624S: 575 Harrison St. #103
2625S: San Francisco, CA 94105
2626S: USA
2628N: Rick Miller
2629E: rdmiller@execpc.com
2630W: http://www.execpc.com/~rdmiller/
2631D: Original Linux Device Registrar (Major/minor numbers)
2632D: au-play, bwBASIC
2633S: S78 W16203 Woods Road
2634S: Muskego, Wisconsin 53150
2635S: USA
2637N: Harald Milz
2638E: hm@seneca.linux.de
2639D: Linux Projects Map, Linux Commercial-HOWTO
2640D: general Linux publicity in Germany, vacation port
2641D: UUCP and CNEWS binary packages for LST
2642S: Editorial Board iX Mag
2643S: Helstorfer Str. 7
2644S: D-30625 Hannover
2645S: Germany
2647N: Ron Minnich
2648E: rminnich@sandia.gov
2649E: rminnich@gmail.com
2650D: 9p filesystem development
2652N: Corey Minyard
2653E: minyard@wf-rch.cirr.com
2654E: minyard@mvista.com
2655W: http://home.attbi.com/~minyard
2656D: Sony CDU31A CDROM Driver
2657D: IPMI driver
2658D: Various networking fixes long ago
2659D: Original ppc_md work
2660D: Shared zlib
2661S: 7406 Wheat Field Rd
2662S: Garland, Texas 75044
2663S: USA
2665N: Kazunori Miyazawa
2666E: miyazawa@linux-ipv6.org
2667E: Kazunori.Miyazawa@jp.yokogawa.com
2668E: kazunori@miyazawa.org
2669W: http://www.miyazawa.org/~kazunori/
2670D: IPsec, IPv6
2671D: USAGI/WIDE Project, Yokogawa Electric Corporation
2672S: 2-20-4-203, Nakacho,
2673S: Musashino, Tokyo 180-0006
2674S: Japan
2676N: Patrick Mochel
2677E: mochel@osdl.org
2678E: mochelp@infinity.powertie.org
2679D: PCI Power Management, ACPI work
2680S: 12725 SW Millikan Way, Suite 400
2681S: Beaverton, Oregon 97005
2682S: USA
2684N: Eberhard M��nkeberg
2685E: emoenke@gwdg.de
2686D: CDROM driver "sbpcd" (Matsushita/Panasonic/Soundblaster)
2687S: Ruhstrath��he 2 b.
2688S: D-37085 G��ttingen
2689S: Germany
2691N: Thomas Molina
2692E: tmolina@cablespeed.com
2693D: bug fixes, documentation, minor hackery
2695N: Paul Moore
2696E: paul@paul-moore.com
2697W: https://www.paul-moore.com
2698D: NetLabel, SELinux, audit
2700N: James Morris
2701E: jmorris@namei.org
2702W: http://namei.org/
2703D: Netfilter, Linux Security Modules (LSM), SELinux, IPSec,
2704D: Crypto API, general networking, miscellaneous.
2705S: PO Box 707
2706S: Spit Junction NSW 2088
2707S: Australia
2709N: David Mosberger-Tang
2710E: davidm@hpl.hp.com if IA-64 related, else David.Mosberger@acm.org
2711D: Linux/Alpha and Linux/ia64
2712S: 35706 Runckel Lane
2713S: Fremont, California 94536
2714S: USA
2716N: Sam Mosel
2717E: sam.mosel@computer.org
2718D: Wacom Intuos USB Support
2719S: 22 Seaview St
2720S: Fullarton 5063
2721S: South Australia
2723N: Wolfgang Muees
2724E: wolfgang@iksw-muees.de
2725D: Auerswald USB driver
2727N: Shrijeet Mukherjee
2728E: shrijeet@gmail.com
2729D: Network routing domains (VRF).
2731N: Paul Mundt
2732E: paul.mundt@gmail.com
2733D: SuperH maintainer
2735N: Ian A. Murdock
2736E: imurdock@gnu.ai.mit.edu
2737D: Creator of Debian distribution
2738S: 30 White Tail Lane
2739S: Lafayette, Indiana 47905
2740S: USA
2742N: Scott Murray
2743E: scottm@somanetworks.com
2744E: scott@spiteful.org
2745D: OPL3-SA2, OPL3-SA3 sound driver
2746D: CompactPCI hotplug core
2747D: Ziatech ZT5550 and generic CompactPCI hotplug drivers
2748S: Toronto, Ontario
2749S: Canada
2751N: Zwane Mwaikambo
2752E: zwanem@gmail.com
2753D: Various driver hacking
2754D: Lowlevel x86 kernel hacking
2755D: General debugging
2756S: (ask for current address)
2757S: Tanzania
2759N: Trond Myklebust
2760E: trond.myklebust@fys.uio.no
2761D: current NFS client hacker.
2762S: Dagaliveien 31e
2763S: N-0391 Oslo
2764S: Norway
2766N: Johan Myreen
2767E: jem@iki.fi
2768D: PS/2 mouse driver writer etc.
2769S: Dragonvagen 1 A 13
2770S: FIN-00330 Helsingfors
2771S: Finland
2773N: Matija Nalis
2774E: mnalis@jagor.srce.hr
2775E: mnalis@voyager.hr
2776D: Maintainer of the Umsdos file system
2777S: Listopadska 7
2778S: 10000 Zagreb
2779S: Croatia
2781N: Jonathan Naylor
2782E: g4klx@g4klx.demon.co.uk
2783E: g4klx@amsat.org
2784W: http://zone.pspt.fi/~jsn/
2785D: AX.25, NET/ROM and ROSE amateur radio protocol suites
2786D: CCITT X.25 PLP and LAPB.
2787S: 24 Castle View Drive
2788S: Cromford
2789S: Matlock
2790S: Derbyshire DE4 3RL
2791S: United Kingdom
2793N: Ian S. Nelson
2794E: nelsonis@earthlink.net
2795P: 1024D/00D3D983 3EFD 7B86 B888 D7E2 29B6  9E97 576F 1B97 00D3 D983
2796D: Minor mmap and ide hacks
2797S: 1370 Atlantis Ave.
2798S: Lafayette CO, 80026
2799S: USA
2801N: Russell Nelson
2802E: nelson@crynwr.com
2803W: http://www.crynwr.com/~nelson
2804P: 1024/83942741 FF 68 EE 27 A0 5A AA C3  F5 DC 05 62 BD 5B 20 2F
2805D: Author of cs89x0, maintainer of kernel changelog through 1.3.3
2806D: Wrote many packet drivers, from which some Ethernet drivers are derived.
2807S: 521 Pleasant Valley Road
2808S: Potsdam, New York 13676
2809S: USA
2811N: Dave Neuer
2812E: dave.neuer@pobox.com
2813D: Helped implement support for Compaq's H31xx series iPAQs
2814D: Other mostly minor tweaks & bugfixes
2816N: Michael Neuffer
2817E: mike@i-Connect.Net
2818E: neuffer@goofy.zdv.uni-mainz.de
2819W: http://www.i-Connect.Net/~mike/
2820D: Developer and maintainer of the EATA-DMA SCSI driver
2821D: Co-developer EATA-PIO SCSI driver
2822D: /proc/scsi and assorted other snippets
2823S: Zum Schiersteiner Grund 2
2824S: 55127 Mainz
2825S: Germany
2827N: Gustavo Niemeyer
2828E: niemeyer@conectiva.com
2829W: https://moin.conectiva.com.br/GustavoNiemeyer
2830D: wl3501 PCMCIA wireless card initial support for wireless extensions in 2.4
2831S: Conectiva S.A.
2832S: R. Tocantins 89
2833S: 80050-430  Curitiba PR
2834S: Brazil
2836N: David C. Niemi
2837E: niemi@tux.org
2838W: http://www.tux.org/~niemi/
2839D: Assistant maintainer of Mtools, fdutils, and floppy driver
2840D: Administrator of Tux.Org Linux Server, https://www.tux.org
2841S: 2364 Old Trail Drive
2842S: Reston, Virginia 20191
2843S: USA
2845N: Fredrik Noring
2846E: noring@nocrew.org
2847W: http://www.lysator.liu.se/~noring/
2848D: dsp56k device driver
2850N: Michael O'Reilly
2851E: michael@iinet.com.au
2852E: oreillym@tartarus.uwa.edu.au
2853D: Wrote the original dynamic sized disk cache stuff. I think the only
2854D: part that remains is the GFP_KERNEL et al #defines. :)
2855S: 192 Nichsolson Road
2856S: Subiaco, 6008
2857S: Perth, Western Australia
2858S: Australia
2860N: Miguel Ojeda
2861E: ojeda@kernel.org
2862W: https://ojeda.dev
2863D: Author of the ks0108, cfag12864b and cfag12864bfb auxiliary display drivers.
2864D: Maintainer of the auxiliary display drivers tree (drivers/auxdisplay/*)
2865S: Spain
2867N: Peter Oruba
2868D: AMD Microcode loader driver
2869S: Germany
2871N: Jens Osterkamp
2872E: jens@de.ibm.com
2873D: Maintainer of Spidernet network driver for Cell
2875N: Gadi Oxman
2876E: gadio@netvision.net.il
2877D: Original author and maintainer of IDE/ATAPI floppy/tape drivers
2879N: Greg Page
2880E: gpage@sovereign.org
2881D: IPX development and support
2883N: Venkatesh Pallipadi (Venki)
2884D: x86/HPET
2886N: Kyungmin Park
2887E: kyungmin.park@samsung.com
2888D: Samsung S5Pv210 and Exynos4210 mobile platforms
2890N: David Parsons
2891E: orc@pell.chi.il.us
2892D: improved memory detection code.
2894N: Ivan Passos
2895E: ivan@cyclades.com
2896D: Author of the Cyclades-PC300 synchronous card driver
2897D: Maintainer of the Cyclom-Y/Cyclades-Z asynchronous card driver
2898S: Cyclades Corp
2899S: 41934 Christy St
2900S: Fremont, CA 94538
2901S: USA
2903N: Mikulas Patocka
2904E: mikulas@artax.karlin.mff.cuni.cz
2905W: https://artax.karlin.mff.cuni.cz/~mikulas/
2906P: 1024/BB11D2D5 A0 F1 28 4A C4 14 1E CF  92 58 7A 8F 69 BC A4 D3
2907D: Read/write HPFS filesystem
2908S: Weissova 8
2909S: 644 00 Brno
2910S: Czech Republic
2912N: Vojtech Pavlik
2913E: vojtech@suse.cz
2914D: Joystick driver
2915D: arcnet-hardware readme
2916D: Minor ARCnet hacking
2917D: USB (HID, ACM, Printer ...)
2918S: Ucitelska 1576
2919S: Prague 8
2920S: 182 00 Czech Republic
2922N: Rick Payne
2923D: RFC2385 Support for TCP
2925N: Barak A. Pearlmutter
2926E: bap@cs.unm.edu
2927W: https://www.cs.unm.edu/~bap/
2928P: 512/602D785D 9B A1 83 CD EE CB AD 93  20 C6 4C B7 F5 E9 60 D4
2929D: Author of mark-and-sweep GC integrated by Alan Cox
2930S: Computer Science Department
2931S: FEC 313
2932S: University of New Mexico
2933S: Albuquerque, New Mexico 87131
2934S: USA
2936N: Avery Pennarun
2937E: apenwarr@worldvisions.ca
2938W: http://www.worldvisions.ca/~apenwarr/
2939D: ARCnet driver
2940D: "make xconfig" improvements
2941D: Various minor hacking
2942S: RR #5, 497 Pole Line Road
2943S: Thunder Bay, Ontario
2944S: CANADA P7C 5M9
2946N: Inaky Perez-Gonzalez
2947E: inaky.perez-gonzalez@intel.com
2948E: linux-wimax@intel.com
2949E: inakypg@yahoo.com
2950D: WiMAX stack
2951D: Intel Wireless WiMAX Connection 2400 driver
2953N: Yuri Per
2954E: yuri@pts.mipt.ru
2955D: Some smbfs fixes
2956S: Demonstratsii 8-382
2957S: Tula 300000
2958S: Russia
2960N: Inaky Perez-Gonzalez
2961E: inaky.perez-gonzalez@intel.com
2962D: UWB stack, HWA-RC driver and HWA-HC drivers
2963D: Wireless USB additions to the USB stack
2964D: WiMedia Link Protocol bits and pieces
2966N: Gordon Peters
2967E: GordPeters@smarttech.com
2968D: Isochronous receive for IEEE 1394 driver (OHCI module).
2969D: Bugfixes for the aforementioned.
2970S: Calgary, Alberta
2971S: Canada
2973N: Johnnie Peters
2974E: jpeters@phx.mcd.mot.com
2975D: Motorola PowerPC changes for PReP
2976S: 2900 S. Diable Way
2977S: Tempe, Arizona 85282
2978S: USA
2980N: Kirk Petersen
2981E: kirk@speakeasy.org
2982W: http://www.speakeasy.org/~kirk/
2983D: implemented kmod
2984D: modularized BSD Unix domain sockets
2986N: Martin Kasper Petersen
2987E: mkp@mkp.net
2988D: PA-RISC port
2989D: XFS file system
2990D: kiobuf based block I/O work
2991S: 314 Frank St.
2992S: Ottawa, Ontario
2993S: Canada K2P 0X8
2995N: Mikael Pettersson
2996E: mikpelinux@gmail.com
2997D: Miscellaneous fixes
2999N: Reed H. Petty
3000E: rhp@draper.net
3001W: http://www.draper.net
3002D: Loop device driver extensions
3003D: Encryption transfer modules (no export)
3004S: Post Office Box 1815
3005S: Harrison, Arkansas  72602-1815
3006S: USA
3008N: Kai Petzke
3009E: petzke@teltarif.de
3010W: http://www.teltarif.de/
3011P: 1024/B42868C1 D9 59 B9 98 BB 93 05 38  2E 3E 31 79 C3 65 5D E1
3012D: Driver for Laser Magnetic Storage CD-ROM
3013D: Some kernel bug fixes
3014D: Port of the database Postgres
3015D: Book: "Linux verstehen und anwenden" (Hanser-Verlag)
3016S: Triftstra=DFe 55
3017S: 13353 Berlin
3018S: Germany
3020N: Emanuel Pirker
3021E: epirker@edu.uni-klu.ac.at
3022D: AIC5800 IEEE 1394, RAW I/O on 1394
3023D: Starter of Linux1394 effort
3024S: ask per mail for current address
3026N: Nicolas Pitre
3027E: nico@fluxnic.net
3028D: StrongARM SA1100 support integrator & hacker
3029D: Xscale PXA architecture
3030D: unified SMC 91C9x/91C11x ethernet driver (smc91x)
3031S: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
3033N: Ken Pizzini
3034E: ken@halcyon.com
3035D: CDROM driver "sonycd535" (Sony CDU-535/531)
3037N: Stelian Pop
3038E: stelian@popies.net
3039P: 1024D/EDBB6147 7B36 0E07 04BC 11DC A7A0  D3F7 7185 9E7A EDBB 6147
3040D: random kernel hacks
3041S: Paimpont, France
3043N: Pete Popov
3044E: pete_popov@yahoo.com
3045D: Linux/MIPS AMD/Alchemy Port and mips hacking and debugging
3046S: San Jose, CA 95134
3047S: USA
3049N: Matt Porter
3050E: mporter@kernel.crashing.org
3051D: Motorola PowerPC PReP support
3052D: cPCI PowerPC support
3053D: Embedded PowerPC 4xx/6xx/7xx/74xx support
3054S: Chandler, Arizona 85249
3055S: USA
3057N: Frederic Potter
3058E: fpotter@cirpack.com
3059D: Some PCI kernel support
3061N: Rui Prior
3062E: rprior@inescn.pt
3063D: ATM device driver for NICStAR based cards
3065N: Stefan Probst
3066E: sp@caldera.de
3067D: The Linux Support Team Erlangen, 1993-97
3068S: Caldera (Deutschland) GmbH
3069S: Lazarettstrasse 8
3070S: 91054 Erlangen
3071S: Germany
3073N: Giuliano Procida
3074E: myxie@debian.org,gprocida@madge.com
3075D: Madge Ambassador driver (Collage 155 Server ATM adapter)
3076D: Madge Horizon driver (Collage 25 and 155 Client ATM adapters)
3077P: 1024/93898735 D3 9E F4 F7 6D 8D 2F 3A  38 BA 06 7C 2B 33 43 7D
3078S: Madge Networks
3079S: Framewood Road
3080S: Wexham SL3 6PJ
3081S: United Kingdom
3083N: Richard Purdie
3084E: rpurdie@rpsys.net
3085D: Backlight subsystem maintainer
3086S: United Kingdom
3088N: Daniel Quinlan
3089E: quinlan@pathname.com
3090W: https://www.pathname.com/~quinlan/
3091D: FSSTND coordinator; FHS editor
3092D: random Linux documentation, patches, and hacks
3093S: 4390 Albany Drive #41A
3094S: San Jose, California 95129
3095S: USA
3097N: Juan Quintela
3098E: quintela@fi.udc.es
3099D: Memory Management hacking
3100S: LFCIA
3101S: Departamento de Computaci��n
3102S: Universidade da Coru��a
3103S: E-15071
3104S: A Coru��a
3105S: Spain
3107N: Augusto Cesar Radtke
3108E: bishop@sekure.org
3109W: http://bishop.sekure.org
3110D: {copy,get,put}_user calls updates
3111D: Miscellaneous hacks
3112S: R. Otto Marquardt, 226 - Garcia
3113S: 89020-350 Blumenau - Santa Catarina
3114S: Brazil
3116N: Goutham Rao
3117E: goutham.rao@intel.com
3118D: Linux/IA-64
3119S: 2200 Mission College Blvd
3120S: Santa Clara, CA 95052
3121S: USA
3123N: Anil Ravindranath
3124E: anil_ravindranath@pmc-sierra.com
3125D: PMC-Sierra MaxRAID driver
3127N: Eric S. Raymond
3128E: esr@thyrsus.com
3129W: http://www.tuxedo.org/~esr/
3130D: terminfo master file maintainer
3131D: Editor: Installation HOWTO, Distributions HOWTO, XFree86 HOWTO
3132D: Author: fetchmail, Emacs VC mode, Emacs GUD mode
3133S: 6 Karen Drive
3134S: Malvern, Pennsylvania 19355
3135S: USA
3137N: Stefan Reinauer
3138E: stepan@linux.de
3139W: http://www.freiburg.linux.de/~stepan/
3140D: Modularization of some filesystems
3141D: /proc/sound, minor fixes
3142S: Schlossbergring 9
3143S: 79098 Freiburg
3144S: Germany
3146N: Thomas Renninger
3147E: trenn@suse.de
3148D: cpupowerutils
3149S: SUSE Linux GmbH
3150S: Germany
3152N: Joerg Reuter
3153E: jreuter@yaina.de
3154W: http://yaina.de/jreuter/
3155W: http://www.qsl.net/dl1bke/
3156D: Generic Z8530 driver, AX.25 DAMA slave implementation
3157D: Several AX.25 hacks
3159N: Ricardo Ribalda
3160E: ribalda@kernel.org
3161W: http://ribalda.com
3162D: PLX USB338x driver
3163D: PCA9634 driver
3164D: Option GTM671WFS
3165D: Fintek F81216A
3166D: AD5761 iio driver
3167D: TI DAC7612 driver
3168D: Sony IMX214 driver
3169D: Various kernel hacks
3170S: Qtechnology A/S
3171S: Valby Langgade 142
3172S: 2500 Valby
3173S: Denmark
3175N: Francois-Rene Rideau
3176E: fare@tunes.org
3177W: http://www.tunes.org/~fare
3178D: petty kernel janitor (byteorder, ufs)
3179S: 6, rue Augustin Thierry
3180S: 75019 Paris
3181S: France
3183N: Rik van Riel
3184E: riel@redhat.com
3185W: https://www.surriel.com/
3186D: Linux-MM site, Documentation/admin-guide/sysctl/*, swap/mm readaround
3187D: kswapd fixes, random kernel hacker, rmap VM,
3188D: nl.linux.org administrator, minor scheduler additions
3189S: Red Hat Boston
3190S: 3 Lan Drive
3191S: Westford, MA 01886
3192S: USA
3194N: Pekka Riikonen
3195E: priikone@poseidon.pspt.fi
3196E: priikone@ssh.com
3197D: Random kernel hacking and bug fixes
3198D: International kernel patch project
3199S: Kasarmikatu 11 A4
3200S: 70110 Kuopio
3201S: Finland
3203N: Tobias Ringstr��m
3204E: tori@unhappy.mine.nu
3205D: Davicom DM9102(A)/DM9132/DM9801 fast ethernet driver
3207N: Luca Risolia
3208E: luca.risolia@studio.unibo.it
3209P: 1024D/FCE635A4 88E8 F32F 7244 68BA 3958  5D40 99DA 5D2A FCE6 35A4
3210D: V4L driver for W996[87]CF JPEG USB Dual Mode Camera Chips
3211D: V4L2 driver for SN9C10x PC Camera Controllers
3212D: V4L2 driver for ET61X151 and ET61X251 PC Camera Controllers
3213D: V4L2 driver for ZC0301 Image Processor and Control Chip
3214S: Via Liberta' 41/A
3215S: Osio Sotto, 24046, Bergamo
3216S: Italy
3218N: William E. Roadcap
3219E: roadcapw@cfw.com
3220W: http://www.cfw.com/~roadcapw
3221D: Author of menu based configuration tool, Menuconfig.
3222S: 1407 Broad Street
3223S: Waynesboro, Virginia 22980
3224S: USA
3226N: Andrew J. Robinson
3227E: arobinso@nyx.net
3228W: http://www.nyx.net/~arobinso
3229D: Hayes ESP serial port driver
3231N: Florian La Roche
3232E: rzsfl@rz.uni-sb.de
3233E: flla@stud.uni-sb.de
3234D: Net programs and kernel net hacker
3235S: Gaildorfer Str. 27
3236S: 7000 Stuttgart 50
3237S: Germany
3239N: Christoph Rohland
3240E: hans-christoph.rohland@sap.com
3241E: ch.rohland@gmx.net
3242D: shm fs, SYSV semaphores, af_unix
3243S: Neue Heimat Str. 8
3244S: D-68789 St.Leon-Rot
3245S: Germany
3247N: Thiago Berlitz Rondon
3248E: maluco@mileniumnet.com.br
3249W: http://vivaldi.linuxms.com.br/~maluco
3250D: Miscellaneous kernel hacker
3251S: R. Anhanguera, 1487 - Ipiranga
3252S: 79080-740 - Campo Grande - Mato Grosso do Sul
3253S: Brazil
3255N: Stephen Rothwell
3256E: sfr@canb.auug.org.au
3257W: http://www.canb.auug.org.au/~sfr
3258P: 1024/BD8C7805 CD A4 9D 01 10 6E 7E 3B  91 88 FA D9 C8 40 AA 02
3259D: Boot/setup/build work for setup > 2K
3260D: Author, APM driver
3261D: Directory notification
3262S: 66 Maltby Circuit
3263S: Wanniassa ACT 2903
3264S: Australia
3266N: Gerard Roudier
3267E: groudier@free.fr
3268D: Contributed to asynchronous read-ahead improvement
3269S: 21 Rue Carnot
3270S: 95170 Deuil La Barre
3271S: France
3273N: Sebastien Rougeaux
3274E: Sebastien.Rougeaux@syseng.anu.edu.au
3275D: IEEE 1394 OHCI module
3276S: Research School of Information Science and Engineering
3277S: The Australian National University, ACT 0200
3278S: Australia
3280N: Aristeu Sergio Rozanski Filho
3281E: aris@cathedrallabs.org
3282D: Support for EtherExpress 10 ISA (i82595) in eepro driver
3283D: User level driver support for input
3284S: R. Jose Serrato, 130 - Santa Candida
3285S: 82640-320 - Curitiba - Paran��
3286S: Brazil
3288N: Alessandro Rubini
3289E: rubini@ipvvis.unipv.it
3290D: the gpm mouse server and kernel support for it
3292N: Philipp Rumpf
3293E: prumpf@tux.org
3294D: random bugfixes
3295S: Drausnickstrasse 29
3296S: 91052 Erlangen
3297S: Germany
3299N: Paul `Rusty' Russell
3300E: rusty@rustcorp.com.au
3301W: https://ozlabs.org/~rusty
3302D: Ruggedly handsome.
3303D: netfilter, ipchains with Michael Neuling.
3304S: 52 Moore St
3305S: Turner ACT 2612
3306S: Australia
3308N: Richard Russon (FlatCap)
3309E: kernel@flatcap.org
3310W: http://www.flatcap.org
3311D: NTFS support
3312D: LDM support (Win2000/XP Logical Disk Manager/Dynamic Disks)
3313S: 50 Swansea Road
3314S: Reading
3315S: United Kingdom
3317N: Bill Ryder
3318E: bryder@sgi.com
3319D: FTDI_SIO usb/serial converter driver
3320W: http://reality.sgi.com/bryder_wellington/ftdi_sio
3321S: I/3 Walter St
3322S: Wellington
3323S: New Zealand
3325N: Sampo Saaristo
3326E: sambo@cs.tut.fi
3327D: Co-author of Multi-Protocol Over ATM (MPOA)
3328S: Tampere University of Technology / Telecom lab
3329S: Hermiankatu 12C
3330S: FIN-33720 Tampere
3331S: Finland
3333N: Thomas Sailer
3334E: t.sailer@alumni.ethz.ch
3335E: HB9JNX@HB9W.CHE.EU (packet radio)
3336D: Baycom driver
3337S: Markusstrasse 18
3338S: 8006 Zuerich
3339S: Switzerland
3341N: Manuel Estrada Sainz
3342D: Firmware loader (request_firmware)
3344N: Wayne Salamon
3345E: wsalamon@tislabs.com
3346E: wsalamon@nai.com
3347D: portions of the Linux Security Module (LSM) framework and security modules
3349N: Robert Sanders
3350E: gt8134b@prism.gatech.edu
3351D: Dosemu
3353N: Duncan Sands
3354E: duncan.sands@free.fr
3355W: http://topo.math.u-psud.fr/~sands
3356D: Alcatel SpeedTouch USB driver
3357S: 69 rue Dunois
3358S: 75013 Paris
3359S: France
3361N: Aleksa Sarai
3362E: cyphar@cyphar.com
3363W: https://www.cyphar.com/
3364D: /sys/fs/cgroup/pids
3365D: openat2(2)
3366S: Sydney, Australia
3368N: Dipankar Sarma
3369E: dipankar@in.ibm.com
3370D: RCU
3372N: Hannu Savolainen
3373E: hannu@opensound.com
3374D: Maintainer of the sound drivers until 2.1.x days.
3375D: Original compressed boot image support.
3376S: Valurink. 4A11
3377S: 03600 Karkkila
3378S: Finland
3380N: Deepak Saxena
3381E: dsaxena@plexity.net
3382D: I2O kernel layer (config, block, core, pci, net). I2O disk support for LILO
3383D: XScale(IOP, IXP) porting and other random ARM bits
3384S: Portland, OR
3386N: Eric Schenk
3387E: Eric.Schenk@dna.lth.se
3388D: Random kernel debugging.
3389D: SYSV Semaphore code rewrite.
3390D: Network layer debugging.
3391D: Dial on demand facility (diald).
3392S: Dag Hammerskjolds v. 3E
3393S: S-226 64 LUND
3394S: Sweden
3396N: Henning P. Schmiedehausen
3397E: hps@tanstaafl.de
3398D: added PCI support to the serial driver
3399S: Buckenhof, Germany
3401N: Michael Schmitz
3403D: Macintosh IDE Driver
3405N: Peter De Schrijver
3406E: stud11@cc4.kuleuven.ac.be
3407D: Mitsumi CD-ROM driver patches March version
3408S: Molenbaan 29
3409S: B2240 Zandhoven
3410S: Belgium
3412N: Martin Schulze
3413E: joey@linux.de
3414W: http://home.pages.de/~joey/
3415D: Random Linux Hacker, Linux Promoter
3416D: CD-List, Books-List, Ex-FAQ
3417D: Linux-Support, -Mailbox, -Stammtisch
3418D: several improvements to system programs
3419S: Oldenburg
3420S: Germany
3422N: Robert Schwebel
3423E: robert@schwebel.de
3424W: https://www.schwebel.de
3425D: Embedded hacker and book author,
3426D: AMD Elan support for Linux
3427S: Pengutronix
3428S: Braunschweiger Strasse 79
3429S: 31134 Hildesheim
3430S: Germany
3432N: Martin Schwidefsky
3433D: Martin was the most significant contributor to the initial s390
3434D: port of the Linux Kernel and later the maintainer of the s390
3435D: architecture backend for almost two decades.
3436D: He passed away in 2019, and will be greatly missed.
3437S: Germany
3438W: https://lwn.net/Articles/789028/
3440N: Marcel Selhorst
3441E: tpmdd@selhorst.net
3442D: TPM driver
3444N: Darren Senn
3445E: sinster@darkwater.com
3446D: Whatever I notice needs doing (so far: itimers, /proc)
3447S: Post Office Box 64132
3448S: Sunnyvale, California 94088-4132
3449S: USA
3451N: Stas Sergeev
3452E: stsp@users.sourceforge.net
3453D: PCM PC-Speaker driver
3454D: misc fixes
3455S: Russia
3457N: Simon Shapiro
3458E: shimon@i-Connect.Net
3459W: http://www.-i-Connect.Net/~shimon
3460D: SCSI debugging
3461D: Maintainer of the Debian Kernel packages
3462S: 14355 SW Allen Blvd., Suite #140
3463S: Beaverton, Oregon 97008
3464S: USA
3466N: Mike Shaver
3467E: shaver@hungry.org
3468W: http://www.hungry.org/~shaver/
3469D: MIPS work, /proc/sys/net, misc net hacking
3470S: 149 Union St.
3471S: Kingston, Ontario
3472S: Canada K7L 2P4
3474N: John Shifflett
3475E: john@geolog.com
3476E: jshiffle@netcom.com
3477D: Always IN2000 SCSI driver
3478D: wd33c93 SCSI driver (linux-m68k)
3479S: San Jose, California
3480S: USA
3482N: Robert Siemer
3483E: Robert.Siemer@gmx.de
3484P: 2048/C99A4289 2F DC 17 2E 56 62 01 C8  3D F2 AC 09 F2 E5 DD EE
3485D: miroSOUND PCM20 radio RDS driver, ACI rewrite
3486S: Klosterweg 28 / i309
3487S: 76131 Karlsruhe
3488S: Germany
3490N: James Simmons
3491E: jsimmons@infradead.org
3492E: jsimmons@users.sf.net
3493D: Frame buffer device maintainer
3494D: input layer development
3495D: tty/console layer
3496D: various mipsel devices
3497S: 115 Carmel Avenue
3498S: El Cerrito CA 94530
3499S: USA
3501N: Jaspreet Singh
3502E: jaspreet@sangoma.com
3503W: www.sangoma.com
3504D: WANPIPE drivers & API Support for Sangoma S508/FT1 cards
3505S: Sangoma Technologies Inc.,
3506S: 1001 Denison Street
3507S: Suite 101
3508S: Markham, Ontario L3R 2Z6
3509S: Canada
3511N: Haavard Skinnemoen
3512M: Haavard Skinnemoen <hskinnemoen@gmail.com>
3513D: AVR32 architecture port to Linux and maintainer.
3515N: Rick Sladkey
3516E: jrs@world.std.com
3517D: utility hacker: Emacs, NFS server, mount, kmem-ps, UPS debugger, strace, GDB
3518D: library hacker: RPC, profil(3), realpath(3), regexp.h
3519D: kernel hacker: unnamed block devs, NFS client, fast select, precision timer
3520S: 24 Avon Place
3521S: Arlington, Massachusetts 02174
3522S: USA
3524N: Craig Small
3525E: csmall@triode.apana.org.au
3526E: vk2xlz@gonzo.vk2xlz.ampr.org (packet radio)
3527D: Gracilis PackeTwin device driver
3528D: RSPF daemon
3529S: 10 Stockalls Place
3530S: Minto, NSW, 2566
3531S: Australia
3533N: Stephen Smalley
3534E: sds@tycho.nsa.gov
3535D: portions of the Linux Security Module (LSM) framework and security modules
3537N: Chris Smith
3538E: csmith@convex.com
3539D: Read only HPFS filesystem
3540S: Richardson, Texas
3541S: USA
3543N: Christopher Smith
3544E: x@xman.org
3545D: Tulip net driver hacker
3547N: Mark Smith
3548E: mark.smith@comdev.cc
3549D: Multicast support in bonding driver
3551N: Miquel van Smoorenburg
3552E: miquels@cistron.nl
3553D: Kernel and net hacker. Sysvinit, minicom. doing Debian stuff.
3554S: Cistron Internet Services
3555S: PO-Box 297
3556S: 2400 AG, Alphen aan den Rijn
3557S: The Netherlands
3559N: Scott Snyder
3560E: snyder@fnald0.fnal.gov
3561D: ATAPI cdrom driver
3562S: MS 352, Fermilab
3563S: Post Office Box 500
3564S: Batavia, Illinois 60510
3565S: USA
3567N: Leo Spiekman
3568E: leo@netlabs.net
3569W: http://www.netlabs.net/hp/leo/
3570D: Optics Storage 8000AT cdrom driver
3571S: Cliffwood, New Jersey 07721
3572S: USA
3574N: Manfred Spraul
3575E: manfred@colorfullife.com
3576W: http://www.colorfullife.com/~manfred
3577D: Lots of tiny hacks. Larger improvements to SysV IPC msg,
3578D: slab, pipe, select.
3579S: 71701 Schwieberdingen
3580S: Germany
3582N: Andrew Stanley-Jones
3583E: asj@lanmedia.com
3584D: LanMedia Corp. Device WAN card device driver
3585S: #102, 686 W. Maude Ave
3586S: Sunyvale, CA 94086
3587S: USA
3589N: Michael Still
3590E: mikal@stillhq.com
3591W: http://www.stillhq.com
3592D: Various janitorial patches
3593D: mandocs and mandocs_install build targets
3594S: (Email me and ask)
3595S: Australia
3597N: Henrik Storner
3598E: storner@image.dk
3599W: http://www.image.dk/~storner/
3600W: https://www.sslug.dk/
3601D: Configure script: Invented tristate for module-configuration
3602D: vfat/msdos integration, kerneld docs, Linux promotion
3603D: Miscellaneous bug-fixes
3604S: Chr. Winthersvej 1 B, st.th.
3605S: DK-1860 Frederiksberg C
3606S: Denmark
3608N: Drew Sullivan
3609E: drew@ss.org
3610W: http://www.ss.org/
3611P: 1024/ACFFA969 5A 9C 42 AB E4 24 82 31  99 56 00 BF D3 2B 25 46
3612D: iBCS2 developer
3613S: 22 Irvington Cres.
3614S: Willowdale, Ontario
3615S: Canada M2N 2Z1
3617N: Adam Sulmicki
3618E: adam@cfar.umd.edu
3619W: http://www.eax.com
3620D: core networking fixes
3621D: patch-kernel enhancements
3622D: misc kernel fixes and updates
3624N: Adrian Sun
3625E: asun@cobaltnet.com
3626D: hfs support
3627D: alpha rtc port, random appletalk fixes
3628S: Department of Zoology, University of Washington
3629S: Seattle, WA  98195-1800
3630S: USA
3632N: Eugene Surovegin
3633E: ebs@ebshome.net
3634W: https://kernel.ebshome.net/
3635P: 1024D/AE5467F1 FF22 39F1 6728 89F6 6E6C  2365 7602 F33D AE54 67F1
3636D: Embedded PowerPC 4xx: EMAC, I2C, PIC and random hacks/fixes
3637S: Sunnyvale, California 94085
3638S: USA
3640N: Corey Thomas
3641E: corey@world.std.com
3642W: http://world.std.com/~corey/index.html
3643D: Raylink/WebGear wireless LAN device driver (ray_cs) author
3644S: 145 Howard St.
3645S: Northborough, MA 01532
3646S: USA
3648N: Doug Thompson
3649E: dougthompson@xmission.com
3650D: EDAC
3652N: Tommy Thorn
3653E: Tommy.Thorn@irisa.fr
3654W: http://www.irisa.fr/prive/thorn/index.html
3655P: 512/B4AFC909 BC BF 6D B1 52 26 1E D6  E3 2F A3 24 2A 84 FE 21
3656D: Device driver hacker (aha1542 & plip)
3657S: IRISA
3658S: Universit=E9 de Rennes I
3659S: F-35042 Rennes Cedex
3660S: France
3662N: Urs Thuermann
3663E: urs.thuermann@volkswagen.de
3664W: https://www.volkswagen.de
3665D: Controller Area Network (network layer core)
3666S: Brieffach 1776
3667S: 38436 Wolfsburg
3668S: Germany
3670N: Jon Tombs
3671E: jon@gte.esi.us.es
3672W: http://www.esi.us.es/~jon
3673D: NFS mmap()
3674D: XF86_S3
3675D: Kernel modules
3676D: Parts of various other programs (xfig, open, ...)
3677S: C/ Federico Garcia Lorca 1 10-A
3678S: Sevilla 41005
3679S: Spain
3681N: Linus Torvalds
3682E: torvalds@linux-foundation.org
3683D: Original kernel hacker
3684S: Portland, Oregon 97005
3685S: USA
3687N: Marcelo Tosatti
3688E: marcelo@kvack.org
3689D: v2.4 kernel maintainer
3690S: Brazil
3692N: Stefan Traby
3693E: stefan@quant-x.com
3694D: Minor Alpha kernel hacks
3695S: Mitterlasznitzstr. 13
3696S: 8302 Nestelbach
3697S: Austria
3699N: Jeff Tranter
3700E: tranter@pobox.com
3701D: Enhancements to Joystick driver
3702D: Author of Sound HOWTO and CD-ROM HOWTO
3703D: Author of several small utilities
3704D: (bogomips, scope, eject, statserial)
3705S: 1 Laurie Court
3706S: Kanata, Ontario
3707S: Canada K2L 1S2
3709N: Andrew Tridgell
3710E: tridge@samba.org
3711W: https://samba.org/tridge/
3712D: dosemu, networking, samba
3713S: 3 Ballow Crescent
3714S: MacGregor A.C.T 2615
3715S: Australia
3717N: Josh Triplett
3718E: josh@joshtriplett.org
3719P: 4096R/8AFF873D 758E 5042 E397 4BA3 3A9C  1E67 0ED9 A3DF 8AFF 873D
3720D: RCU and rcutorture
3721D: lock annotations, finding and fixing lock bugs
3722D: kernel tinification
3724N: Winfried Tr��mper
3725E: winni@xpilot.org
3726W: http://www.shop.de/~winni/
3727D: German HOWTO, Crash-Kurs Linux (German, 100 comprehensive pages)
3728D: CD-Writing HOWTO, various mini-HOWTOs
3729D: One-week tutorials on Linux twice a year (free of charge)
3730D: Linux-Workshop K��ln (aka LUG Cologne, Germany), Installfests
3731S: Tacitusstr. 6
3732S: D-50968 K��ln
3734N: Tsu-Sheng Tsao
3735E: tsusheng@scf.usc.edu
3736D: IGMP(Internet Group Management Protocol) version 2
3737S: 2F 14 ALY 31 LN 166 SEC 1 SHIH-PEI RD
3738S: Taipei
3739S: Taiwan 112
3740S: Republic of China
3741S: 24335 Delta Drive
3742S: Diamond Bar, California 91765
3743S: USA
3745N: Theodore Ts'o
3746E: tytso@mit.edu
3747D: Random Linux hacker
3748D: Maintainer of tsx-11.mit.edu ftp archive
3749D: Maintainer of c.o.l.* Usenet<->mail gateway
3750D: Author of serial driver
3751D: Author of the new e2fsck
3752D: Author of job control and system call restart code
3753D: Author of ramdisk device driver
3754D: Author of loopback device driver
3755D: Author of /dev/random driver
3756S: MIT Room E40-343
3757S: 1 Amherst Street
3758S: Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139
3759S: USA
3761N: Simmule Turner
3762E: sturner@tele-tv.com
3763D: Added swapping to filesystem
3764S: 4226 Landgreen Street
3765S: Rockville, Maryland 20853
3766S: USA
3768N: Stephen Tweedie
3769E: sct@redhat.com
3770P: 1024/E7A417AD E2 FE A4 20 34 EC ED FC 7D 7E 67 8D E0 31 D1 69
3771P: 1024D/43BE7544 D2A4 8556 08E6 90E7 076C  BA3F 243F 20A4 43BE 7544
3772D: Second extended file system developer
3773D: General filesystem hacker
3774D: kswap vm management code
3775S: 44 Campbell Park Crescent
3776S: Edinburgh EH13 0HT
3777S: United Kingdom
3779N: Thomas Uhl
3780E: uhl@sun1.rz.fh-heilbronn.de
3781D: Application programmer
3782D: Linux promoter
3783D: Author of a German book on Linux
3784S: Obere Heerbergstrasse 17
3785S: 97078 Wuerzburg
3786S: Germany
3788N: Jason Uhlenkott
3789E: juhlenko@akamai.com
3790D: I3000 EDAC driver
3792N: Greg Ungerer
3793E: gerg@snapgear.com
3794D: uClinux kernel hacker
3795D: Port uClinux to the Motorola ColdFire CPU
3796D: Author of Stallion multiport serial drivers
3797S: SnapGear Inc.
3798S: 825 Stanley St
3799S: Woolloongabba. QLD. 4102
3800S: Australia
3802N: Jeffrey A. Uphoff
3803E: juphoff@transmeta.com
3804E: jeff.uphoff@linux.org
3805P: 1024/9ED505C5 D7 BB CA AA 10 45 40 1B  16 19 0A C0 38 A0 3E CB
3806D: Linux Security/Alert mailing lists' moderator/maintainer.
3807D: NSM (rpc.statd) developer.
3808D: PAM S/Key module developer.
3809D: 'dip' contributor.
3810D: AIPS port, astronomical community support.
3811S: Transmeta Corporation
3812S: 2540 Mission College Blvd.
3813S: Santa Clara, CA 95054
3814S: USA
3816N: Matthias Urlichs
3817E: smurf@smurf.noris.de
3818E: smurf@debian.org
3819E: matthias@urlichs.de
3820D: Consultant, developer, kernel hacker
3821D: In a previous life, worked on Streams/ISDN/BSD networking code for Linux
3822S: Schleiermacherstrasse 12
3823S: 90491 Nuernberg
3824S: Germany
3826N: Geert Uytterhoeven
3827E: geert@linux-m68k.org
3828W: http://users.telenet.be/geertu/
3829P: 4096R/4804B4BC3F55EEFB 750D 82B0 A781 5431 5E25  925B 4804 B4BC 3F55 EEFB
3830D: m68k/Amiga and PPC/CHRP Longtrail coordinator
3831D: Frame buffer device and XF68_FBDev maintainer
3832D: m68k IDE maintainer
3833D: Amiga Zorro maintainer
3834D: Amiga Buddha and Catweasel chipset IDE
3835D: Atari Falcon chipset IDE
3836D: Amiga Gayle chipset IDE
3837D: mipsel NEC DDB Vrc-5074
3838S: Haterbeekstraat 55B
3839S: B-3200 Aarschot
3840S: Belgium
3842N: Chris Vance
3843E: cvance@tislabs.com
3844E: cvance@nai.com
3845D: portions of the Linux Security Module (LSM) framework and security modules
3847N: Petr Vandrovec
3848E: petr@vandrovec.name
3849D: Small contributions to ncpfs
3850D: Matrox framebuffer driver
3851S: 21513 Conradia Ct
3852S: Cupertino, CA 95014
3853S: USA
3855N: Thibaut Var��ne
3856E: hacks+kernel@slashdirt.org
3857W: http://hacks.slashdirt.org/
3858D: PA-RISC port minion, PDC and GSCPS2 drivers, debuglocks and other bits
3859D: Some ARM at91rm9200 bits, S1D13XXX FB driver, random patches here and there
3860D: AD1889 sound driver
3861S: France
3863N: Heikki Vatiainen
3864E: hessu@cs.tut.fi
3865D: Co-author of Multi-Protocol Over ATM (MPOA), some LANE hacks
3866S: Tampere University of Technology / Telecom lab
3867S: Hermiankatu 12C
3868S: FIN-33720 Tampere
3869S: Finland
3871N: Andrew Veliath
3872E: andrewtv@usa.net
3873D: Turtle Beach MultiSound sound driver
3874S: USA
3876N: Dirk Verworner
3877D: Co-author of German book ``Linux-Kernel-Programmierung''
3878D: Co-founder of Berlin Linux User Group
3880N: Andrew Victor
3881E: linux@maxim.org.za
3882W: http://maxim.org.za/at91_26.html
3883D: First maintainer of Atmel ARM-based SoC, aka AT91
3884D: Introduced support for at91rm9200, the first chip of AT91 family
3885S: South Africa
3887N: Riku Voipio
3888E: riku.voipio@iki.fi
3889D: Author of PCA9532 LED and Fintek f75375s hwmon driver
3890D: Some random ARM board patches
3891S: Finland
3893N: Patrick Volkerding
3894E: volkerdi@ftp.cdrom.com
3895D: Produced the Slackware distribution, updated the SVGAlib
3896D: patches for ghostscript, worked on color 'ls', etc.
3897S: 301 15th Street S.
3898S: Moorhead, Minnesota 56560
3899S: USA
3901N: Jos Vos
3902E: jos@xos.nl
3903W: http://www.xos.nl/
3904D: Various IP firewall updates, ipfwadm
3905S: X/OS Experts in Open Systems BV
3906S: Kruislaan 419
3907S: 1098 VA Amsterdam
3908S: The Netherlands
3910N: Jeroen Vreeken
3911E: pe1rxq@amsat.org
3912W: http://www.chello.nl/~j.vreeken/
3913D: SE401 usb webcam driver
3914D: ZD1201 usb wireless lan driver
3915S: Maastrichterweg 63
3916S: 5554 GG Valkenswaard
3917S: The Netherlands
3919N: Mark Wallis
3920E: mwallis@serialmonkey.com
3921W: http://mark.serialmonkey.com
3922D: Ralink rt2x00 WLAN driver
3923S: Newcastle, Australia
3925N: Peter Shaobo Wang
3926E: pwang@mmdcorp.com
3927W: http://www.mmdcorp.com/pw/linux
3928D: Driver for Interphase ATM (i)Chip SAR adapter card family (x575, x525, x531).
3929S: 1513 Brewster Dr.
3930S: Carrollton, TX 75010
3931S: USA
3933N: Tim Waugh
3934E: tim@cyberelk.net
3935D: Co-architect of the parallel-port sharing system
3936S: 17 Curling Vale
3938S: Surrey
3939S: GU2 7PJ
3940S: United Kingdom
3942N: Juergen Weigert
3943E: jnweiger@immd4.informatik.uni-erlangen.de
3944D: The Linux Support Team Erlangen
3946N: David Weinehall
3947E: tao@acc.umu.se
3948P: 1024D/DC47CA16 7ACE 0FB0 7A74 F994 9B36  E1D1 D14E 8526 DC47 CA16
3949W: https://www.acc.umu.se/~tao/
3950D: v2.0 kernel maintainer
3951D: Fixes for the NE/2-driver
3952D: Miscellaneous MCA-support
3953D: Cleanup of the Config-files
3955N: Matt Welsh
3956E: mdw@metalab.unc.edu
3957W: http://www.cs.berkeley.edu/~mdw
3958D: Original Linux Documentation Project coordinator
3959D: Author, "Running Linux" (O'Reilly)
3960D: Author, "Linux Installation and Getting Started" (LDP) and several HOWTOs
3961D: Linuxdoc-SGML formatting system (now SGML-Tools)
3962D: Device drivers for various high-speed network interfaces (Myrinet, ATM)
3963D: Keithley DAS1200 device driver
3964D: Original maintainer of sunsite WWW and FTP sites
3965D: Original moderator of c.o.l.announce and c.o.l.answers
3966S: Computer Science Division
3967S: UC Berkeley
3968S: Berkeley, CA 94720-1776
3969S: USA
3971N: Harald Welte
3972E: laforge@netfilter.org
3973P: 1024D/30F48BFF DBDE 6912 8831 9A53 879B  9190 5DA5 C655 30F4 8BFF
3974W: https://gnumonks.org/users/laforge
3975D: netfilter: new nat helper infrastructure
3976D: netfilter: ULOG, ECN, DSCP target
3977D: netfilter: TTL match
3978D: netfilter: IPv6 mangle table
3979D: netfilter: various other hacks
3980S: Berlin
3981S: Germany
3983N: Bill Wendling
3984E: wendling@ganymede.isdn.uiuc.edu
3985W: http://www.ncsa.uiuc.edu/~wendling/
3986D: Various random hacks. Mostly on poll/select logic.
3987S: 605 E. Springfield Ave.
3988S: Champaign, IL 61820
3989S: USA
3991N: Mike Westall
3992D: IBM Turboways 25 ATM Device Driver
3993E: westall@cs.clemson.edu
3994S: Department of Computer Science
3995S: Clemson University
3996S: Clemson SC 29634 USA
3998N: Greg Wettstein
3999E: greg@wind.rmcc.com
4000D: Filesystem valid flag for MINIX filesystem.
4001D: Minor kernel debugging.
4002D: Development and maintenance of sysklogd.
4003D: Monitoring of development kernels for long-term stability.
4004D: Early implementations of Linux in a commercial environment.
4005S: Dr. Greg Wettstein, Ph.D.
4006S: Oncology Research Division Computing Facility
4007S: Roger Maris Cancer Center
4008S: 820 4th St. N.
4009S: Fargo, North Dakota 58122
4010S: USA
4012N: Steven Whitehouse
4013E: steve@chygwyn.com
4014W: http://www.chygwyn.com/~steve
4015D: Linux DECnet project
4016D: Minor debugging of other networking protocols.
4017D: Misc bug fixes and GFS2 filesystem development
4019N: Hans-Joachim Widmaier
4020E: hjw@zvw.de
4021D: AFFS rewrite
4022S: Eichenweg 16
4023S: 73650 Winterbach
4024S: Germany
4026N: Urban Widmark
4027E: urban@svenskatest.se
4028D: via-rhine, misc net driver hacking
4030N: Marco van Wieringen
4031E: mvw@planets.elm.net
4032D: Author of process accounting and diskquota
4033S: Breeburgsingel 12
4034S: 2135 CN Hoofddorp
4035S: The Netherlands
4037N: Matthew Wilcox
4038E: matthew@wil.cx
4039W: ftp://ftp.uk.linux.org/pub/linux/people/willy/
4040D: Linux/PARISC hacker.  Filesystem hacker.  Random other hacking.  Custom
4041D: PPC port hacking.
4043N: G\"unter Windau
4044E: gunter@mbfys.kun.nl
4045D: Some bug fixes in the polling printer driver (lp.c)
4046S: University of Nijmegen
4047S: Geert-Grooteplein Noord 21
4048S: 6525 EZ Nijmegen
4049S: The Netherlands
4051N: Ulrich Windl
4052E: Ulrich.Windl@rz.uni-regensburg.de
4053P: 1024/E843660D CF D7 43 A1 5A 49 14 25  7C 04 A0 6E 4C 3A AC 6D
4054D: Supports NTP on Linux.  Added PPS code.  Fixed bugs in adjtimex().
4055S: Alte Regensburger Str. 11a
4056S: 93149 Nittenau
4057S: Germany
4059N: Gertjan van Wingerde
4060E: gwingerde@gmail.com
4061D: Ralink rt2x00 WLAN driver
4062D: Minix V2 file-system
4063D: Misc fixes
4064S: The Netherlands
4066N: Lars Wirzenius
4067E: liw@iki.fi
4068D: Linux System Administrator's Guide, author, former maintainer
4069D: comp.os.linux.announce, former moderator
4070D: Linux Documentation Project, co-founder
4071D: Original sprintf in kernel
4072D: Original kernel README (for version 0.97)
4073D: Linux News (electronic magazine, now dead), founder and former editor
4074D: Meta-FAQ, originator, former maintainer
4075D: INFO-SHEET, former maintainer
4076D: Author of the longest-living linux bug
4078N: Jonathan Woithe
4079E: jwoithe@just42.net
4080W: http:/www.just42.net/jwoithe
4081D: ALS-007 sound card extensions to Sound Blaster driver
4082S: 20 Jordan St
4083S: Valley View, SA 5093
4084S: Australia
4086N: Clifford Wolf
4087E: god@clifford.at
4088W: http://www.clifford.at/
4089D: Menuconfig/lxdialog improvement
4090S: Foehrengasse 16
4091S: A-2333 Leopoldsdorf b. Wien
4092S: Austria
4094N: Roger E. Wolff
4095E: R.E.Wolff@BitWizard.nl
4096D: Written kmalloc/kfree
4097D: Written Specialix IO8+ driver
4098D: Written Specialix SX driver
4099S: van Bronckhorststraat 12
4100S: 2612 XV Delft
4101S: The Netherlands
4103N: Thomas Woller
4104D: CS461x Cirrus Logic sound driver
4106N: David Woodhouse
4107E: dwmw2@infradead.org
4108D: JFFS2 file system, Memory Technology Device subsystem,
4109D: various other stuff that annoyed me by not working.
4110S: c/o Intel Corporation
4111S: Pipers Way
4112S: Swindon. SN3 1RJ
4113S: England
4115N: Chris Wright
4116E: chrisw@sous-sol.org
4117D: hacking on LSM framework and security modules.
4118S: Portland, OR
4119S: USA
4121N: Michal Wronski
4122E: michal.wronski@gmail.com
4123D: POSIX message queues fs (with K. Benedyczak)
4124S: Krakow
4125S: Poland
4127N: Frank Xia
4128E: qx@math.columbia.edu
4129D: Xiafs filesystem [defunct]
4130S: 542 West 112th Street, 5N
4131S: New York, New York 10025
4132S: USA
4134N: Li Yang
4135E: leoli@freescale.com
4136D: Freescale Highspeed USB device driver
4137D: Freescale QE SoC support and Ethernet driver
4138S: B-1206 Jingmao Guojigongyu
4139S: 16 Baliqiao Nanjie, Beijing 101100
4140S: People's Repulic of China
4142N: Aviad Yehezkel
4143E: aviadye@nvidia.com
4144D: Kernel TLS implementation and offload support.
4146N: Victor Yodaiken
4147E: yodaiken@fsmlabs.com
4148D: RTLinux (RealTime Linux)
4149S: POB 1822
4150S: Socorro NM, 87801
4151S: USA
4153N: Hiroshi YOKOTA
4154E: yokota@netlab.is.tsukuba.ac.jp
4155D: Workbit NinjaSCSI-3/32Bi PCMCIA driver
4156D: Workbit NinjaSCSI-32Bi/UDE driver
4157S: Japan
4159N: Hideaki YOSHIFUJI
4160E: hideaki@yoshifuji.org
4161E: yoshfuji@linux-ipv6.org
4162W: http://www.yoshifuji.org/~hideaki/
4163P: 1024D/E0620EEA 9022 65EB 1ECF 3AD1 0BDF  80D8 4807 F894 E062 0EEA
4164D: IPv6 and other networking related stuff
4165D: USAGI/WIDE Project, Keio University
4166S: Jeunet Palace Kawasaki #1-201, 10-2, Furukawa-cho, Saiwai-ku
4167S: Kawasaki, Kanagawa 212-0025
4168S: Japan
4170N: Eric Youngdale
4171E: eric@andante.org
4172W: http://www.andante.org
4173D: General kernel hacker
4174D: SCSI iso9660 and ELF
4175S: 6389 Hawk View Lane
4176S: Alexandria, Virginia 22312
4177S: USA
4179N: Niibe Yutaka
4180E: gniibe@mri.co.jp
4181D: PLIP driver
4182D: Asynchronous socket I/O in the NET code
4183S: Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc.
4184S: ARCO Tower 1-8-1 Shimomeguro Meguro-ku
4185S: Tokyo 153
4186S: Japan
4188N: James R. Van Zandt
4189E: jrv@vanzandt.mv.com
4190P: 1024/E298966D F0 37 4F FD E5 7E C5 E6  F1 A0 1E 22 6F 46 DA 0C
4191D: Author and maintainer of the Double Talk speech synthesizer driver
4192S: 27 Spencer Drive
4193S: Nashua, New Hampshire 03062
4194S: USA
4196N: Orest Zborowski
4197E: orestz@eskimo.com
4198D: XFree86 and kernel development
4199S: 1507 145th Place SE #B5
4200S: Bellevue, Washington 98007
4201S: USA
4203N: Wensong Zhang
4204E: wensong@linux-vs.org
4205D: IP virtual server (IPVS).
4207N: Haojian Zhuang
4208E: haojian.zhuang@gmail.com
4209D: MMP support
4211N: Richard Zidlicky
4212E: rz@linux-m68k.org, rdzidlic@geocities.com
4213W: http://www.geocities.com/rdzidlic
4214D: Q40 port - see arch/m68k/q40/README
4215D: various m68k hacks
4216S: Germany
4218N: Werner Zimmermann
4219E: Werner.Zimmermann@fht-esslingen.de
4220D: CDROM driver "aztcd" (Aztech/Okano/Orchid/Wearnes)
4221S: Flandernstrasse 101
4222S: D-73732 Esslingen
4223S: Germany
4225N: Roman Zippel
4226E: zippel@linux-m68k.org
4227D: AFFS and HFS filesystems, m68k maintainer, new kernel configuration in 2.5
4229N: Leonard N. Zubkoff
4230W: http://www.dandelion.com/Linux/
4231D: BusLogic SCSI driver
4232D: Mylex DAC960 PCI RAID driver
4233D: Miscellaneous kernel fixes
4235N: Alessandro Zummo
4236E: a.zummo@towertech.it
4237D: CMI8330 support is sb_card.c
4238D: ISAPnP fixes in sb_card.c
4239D: ZyXEL omni.net lcd plus driver
4240D: RTC subsystem
4241S: Italy
4243N: Marc Zyngier
4244E: maz@wild-wind.fr.eu.org
4245W: http://www.misterjones.org
4246D: MD driver
4247D: EISA/sysfs subsystem
4248S: France
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