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H A DglutOverlay.cpp25 void glutUseLayer(GLenum layer) { argument
H A DWindowInfo.h24 int32 layer; // see ServerWindow::GetInfo() member in struct:window_info
H A DCanvas.cpp54 Canvas::AddLayer(Layer* layer) argument
61 Canvas::AddLayer(Layer* layer, int32 index) argument
75 Canvas::RemoveLayer(Layer* layer) argument
203 Layer* layer = new (nothrow) Layer(); local
H A DCanvas.cpp240 Canvas::BlendLayer(Layer* layer) argument
H A DLayer.cpp98 Layer::PushLayer(Layer* layer) argument
H A DPictureBoundingBoxPlayer.cpp773 determine_bounds_nested_layer(void* _state, Layer* layer) argument
H A DServerPicture.cpp807 blend_layer(void* _canvas, Layer* layer) argument
H A DServerWindow.cpp2434 Layer* layer = new(std::nothrow) Layer(opacity); local
3904 Layer* layer = dynamic_cast<Layer*>(picture); local
3926 Layer* layer = dynamic_cast<Layer*>(picture); local
H A DLayer.cpp110 Layer::AddLayer(Layer* layer)// we already have argument
130 Layer::RemLayer(Layer* layer)// we already have argument
H A Dmain.cpp112 Layer* layer; local
H A DViewLayer.cpp57 ViewLayer* layer = fFirstChild; local
109 ViewLayer::AddChild(ViewLayer* layer) argument
146 RemoveChild(ViewLayer* layer) argument
272 ViewLayer* layer = child->ViewAt(where, windowContentClipping); local
H A DWindowLayer.cpp347 WindowLayer::AddChild(ViewLayer* layer) argument
453 ViewLayer* layer = (ViewLayer*)fTokenViewMap.ItemAt(token); local
590 ViewLayer* layer = (ViewLayer*)fTokenViewMap.ItemAt(token); local
640 ViewLayer* layer = (ViewLayer*)fTokenViewMap.ItemAt(token); local
H A Dmain.cpp388 ViewLayer* layer; local
H A DPictureDataWriter.cpp735 PictureDataWriter::WriteBlendLayer(Layer* layer) argument
H A DPicturePlayer.cpp495 blend_layer(void* _context, Layer* layer) argument
1370 Layer* const* layer; local
H A Dfssh_fs_interface.h61 int32_t layer; member in struct:fssh_fs_volume
H A Dfs_interface.h62 int32 layer; member in struct:fs_volume
H A Dvfs.cpp844 get_file_system_name_for_layer(const char* fsNames, int32 layer) argument
7386 int32 layer = 0; local

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