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19733b44 12-Apr-2020 Alexander von Gluck IV <kallisti5@unixzen.com>

kits/bluetooth: Style cleanup, add additional vendors

Change-Id: I33ac709fe1dc759bf9b98fe94bd1820278ef33d4
Reviewed-on: https://review.haiku-os.org/c/haiku/+/2471
Reviewed-by: waddlesplash <waddlesplash@gmail.com>

1e60bdea 30-Mar-2019 Augustin Cavalier <waddlesplash@gmail.com>

Remove all invocations of SetSubDirSupportedPlatformsBeOSCompatible.

2897df96 18-Nov-2018 Augustin Cavalier <waddlesplash@gmail.com>

bluetooth: ioctls always pass size on Haiku.

9e9c5cae 04-May-2016 Murai Takashi <tmurai01@gmail.com>

DiscoveryAgent.cpp: fix gcc6 build

* Reindent souce code, to fix gcc6
'-Werror=misleading-indentation' warnings.

Signed-off-by: Augustin Cavalier <waddlesplash@gmail.com>

e29ff323 22-Apr-2016 Alexander von Gluck IV <kallisti5@unixzen.com>

bluetooth_server: Fix multi-arch build

a5a3b2d9 14-Feb-2016 Adrien Destugues <pulkomandy@pulkomandy.tk>

Bluetooth: fix thread safety issue.

Fixes #11428.

f696e88a 09-Dec-2015 looncraz <looncraz@looncraz.net>

Convert various more things to using Set*UIColor.

Signed-off-by: Augustin Cavalier <waddlesplash@gmail.com>
Patches 0038, 0040, 0042-0044 from looncraz, unmodified.

220d0402 31-Jul-2014 Oliver Tappe <zooey@hirschkaefer.de>

Use libstdc++, libsupc++ and libgcc from gcc_syslibs.

* Instead of faking libstdc++.so from libstdc++.a, use libstdc++.so
from the gcc_syslibs build feature for everything except x86_gcc2.
* Use libgcc_s.so from the gcc_syslibs build feature for everything but
x86_gcc2 (which still carries libgcc as part of libroot.so).
* Drop filtering of libgcc objects for libroot, as that is no longer
necessary since we're only using libgcc-as-single-object for libroot
with x86_gcc2, where the filtered object file doesn't exist. Should
the objects that used to be filtered cause any problems as part of
libgcc_s.so, we can always filter them as part of the gcc build.
* Use libsupc++.so from the gcc_syslibs build feature for everything but
* Adjust all Jamfiles accordingly.
* Deactivate building of faked libstdc++.so for non-x86-gcc2. For
x86_gcc2, we still build libstdc++.so from the sources in the Haiku
source tree as part of the Haiku build .
* Put gcc_syslibs package onto the image, when needed.

b0944c78 01-Aug-2013 Ingo Weinhold <ingo_weinhold@gmx.de>

More work towards hybrid support

* All packaging architecture dependent variables do now have a
respective suffix and are set up for each configured packaging
architecture, save for the kernel and boot loader variables, which
are still only set up for the primary architecture.
and TARGET_LIBSTDC++ are set to the respective values for the primary
packaging architecture by default.
* Introduce a set of MultiArch* rules to help with building targets for
multiple packaging architectures. Generally the respective targets are
(additionally) gristed with the packaging architecture. For libraries
the additional grist is usually omitted for the primary architecture
(e.g. libroot.so and <x86>libroot.so for x86_gcc2/x86 hybrid), so that
Jamfiles for targets built only for the primary architecture don't
need to be changed.
* Add multi-arch build support for all targets needed for the stage 1
cross devel package as well as for libbe (untested).

fef016ca 10-Jan-2013 Fredrik Modéen <fredrik@modeen.se>

Adding more debug info to bluetooth.

* more changes will come.

7a74a5df 27-Aug-2012 Fredrik Modéen <fredrik@modeen.se>

WIP... Updating Bluetooth.

* Some bugfixes.
* added scan mode read.
* inactivated some printout for now. Was a lot of noice in terminal

546208a5 16-Apr-2012 Oliver Tappe <zooey@hirschkaefer.de>

More catalog-related cleanup.

* adjust all uses of both macros in Haiku's source tree
* use correct header guard for collecting/Catalog.h

The renamed macros require adjustments to all external applications
using catalogs.

269ebc04 19-Aug-2010 Oliver Tappe <zooey@hirschkaefer.de>

Fix #6373, second try
* make BDADDR_* macros refer to value types instead of addresses
* adjust all interfaces using bdaddr_t* to use (mostly const) refs instead,
which IMHO makes the interface & code clearer
* that got rid of a couple of const incorrectness casts
* some cleanup along the way

git-svn-id: file:///srv/svn/repos/haiku/haiku/trunk@38265 a95241bf-73f2-0310-859d-f6bbb57e9c96

32a2294f 19-Aug-2010 Oliver Tappe <zooey@hirschkaefer.de>

* revert r38213, as it introduces initialization problems

git-svn-id: file:///srv/svn/repos/haiku/haiku/trunk@38263 a95241bf-73f2-0310-859d-f6bbb57e9c96

e0ef6475 17-Aug-2010 Oliver Tappe <zooey@hirschkaefer.de>

* fix #6373 by switching the BD... macros to take the address of corresponding
constants, which had to be defined in several places in order to be available
in the kernel addons, network protocols and the server/kit.
* enable -Werror for all servers

git-svn-id: file:///srv/svn/repos/haiku/haiku/trunk@38213 a95241bf-73f2-0310-859d-f6bbb57e9c96

a67f10cf 02-Jul-2010 Adrien Destugues <pulkomandy@pulkomandy.ath.cx>

Fix DoCatalogs rule for Bluetooth that I broke earlier. Sorry again!

git-svn-id: file:///srv/svn/repos/haiku/haiku/trunk@37346 a95241bf-73f2-0310-859d-f6bbb57e9c96

6a3bada8 02-Jul-2010 Adrien Destugues <pulkomandy@pulkomandy.ath.cx>

* Patch by Jorma Karvonnen with updates by me : localize libbluetooth

git-svn-id: file:///srv/svn/repos/haiku/haiku/trunk@37339 a95241bf-73f2-0310-859d-f6bbb57e9c96

a5bf1237 14-Jun-2010 Oliver Ruiz Dorantes <oliver.ruiz.dorantes@gmail.com>

*Incorrect endianess handling from bdaddr at parsing from string.
*Remove bluetooth_util deprecated header
*Issue conn_req for socket connect() call

git-svn-id: file:///srv/svn/repos/haiku/haiku/trunk@37132 a95241bf-73f2-0310-859d-f6bbb57e9c96

125183f9 07-May-2010 Oliver Ruiz Dorantes <oliver.ruiz.dorantes@gmail.com>

- Add possibility yo set a custom friendly name to our device. Which will be seen by remotes devices at discovery

git-svn-id: file:///srv/svn/repos/haiku/haiku/trunk@36729 a95241bf-73f2-0310-859d-f6bbb57e9c96

ddbc9a0f 24-Apr-2010 Oliver Ruiz Dorantes <oliver.ruiz.dorantes@gmail.com>

- I expected once Haiku sets a connection with a remote device, such connection
was to expire in a couple of minutes, but not, seems to stay forever.
- Implement a Disconnect button in prefrences&kit

git-svn-id: file:///srv/svn/repos/haiku/haiku/trunk@36450 a95241bf-73f2-0310-859d-f6bbb57e9c96

37c7d5d8 24-Apr-2010 Oliver Ruiz Dorantes <oliver.ruiz.dorantes@gmail.com>

- Implement REading of the default timeouts
- Retrieval of all possible LinkKeys stored inside the dongle
- Provided function to force an authentication process with remote devices
- Allow Haiku initiate a fully authenticated connection

git-svn-id: file:///srv/svn/repos/haiku/haiku/trunk@36445 a95241bf-73f2-0310-859d-f6bbb57e9c96

40c666a5 24-Apr-2010 Oliver Ruiz Dorantes <oliver.ruiz.dorantes@gmail.com>

- Introduce template methods for single or non parameter commands
- Remove some old legacy command creation functions

git-svn-id: file:///srv/svn/repos/haiku/haiku/trunk@36444 a95241bf-73f2-0310-859d-f6bbb57e9c96

62f5ba00 01-Apr-2010 Oliver Ruiz Dorantes <oliver.ruiz.dorantes@gmail.com>

- Read Local features al LocalDevice constructor
- keep record in UL and KL side

git-svn-id: file:///srv/svn/repos/haiku/haiku/trunk@36027 a95241bf-73f2-0310-859d-f6bbb57e9c96

cee04e80 08-Feb-2010 Artur Wyszynski <aljen-mlists@o2.pl>

Fixed various errors/warnings reported by cppcheck:
* memory leaks
* resource leaks
* added const's to getters
* removed a few reundant conditions

git-svn-id: file:///srv/svn/repos/haiku/haiku/trunk@35433 a95241bf-73f2-0310-859d-f6bbb57e9c96

3e6fa229 13-Jan-2010 Stephan Aßmus <superstippi@gmx.de>

Patch by Humdinger:
Switched strings to sentence case in servers and kits. This is the
case-servers+kits.diff applied from #5169. Couldn't spot any possibly
problematic changes.
Thanks a lot!

git-svn-id: file:///srv/svn/repos/haiku/haiku/trunk@35044 a95241bf-73f2-0310-859d-f6bbb57e9c96

1f37b29b 25-Dec-2009 Oliver Ruiz Dorantes <oliver.ruiz.dorantes@gmail.com>


git-svn-id: file:///srv/svn/repos/haiku/haiku/trunk@34776 a95241bf-73f2-0310-859d-f6bbb57e9c96

515209e3 06-Oct-2009 Oliver Ruiz Dorantes <oliver.ruiz.dorantes@gmail.com>

Merge view class in the window object

git-svn-id: file:///srv/svn/repos/haiku/haiku/trunk@33471 a95241bf-73f2-0310-859d-f6bbb57e9c96

a53e31dd 31-Aug-2009 Oliver Ruiz Dorantes <oliver.ruiz.dorantes@gmail.com>

- Use Layout manager
- Styling

git-svn-id: file:///srv/svn/repos/haiku/haiku/trunk@32870 a95241bf-73f2-0310-859d-f6bbb57e9c96

981f1b11 10-Jul-2009 Oliver Ruiz Dorantes <oliver.ruiz.dorantes@gmail.com>

- Add method in LocalDevice class to write its class to the dongle
- Rework and style the DeviceClass class
- Implement option "Identify host as..." in preferences with mentioned method, this should allow us to be visible to more RemoteDevices

git-svn-id: file:///srv/svn/repos/haiku/haiku/trunk@31502 a95241bf-73f2-0310-859d-f6bbb57e9c96

ddac4074 02-Jul-2009 Oliver Ruiz Dorantes <oliver.ruiz.dorantes@gmail.com>

- Add initial code to unregister devices from server
- Handle Hardware error event
- Add function to retrieve an string from a bluetooth error
- Styling

git-svn-id: file:///srv/svn/repos/haiku/haiku/trunk@31376 a95241bf-73f2-0310-859d-f6bbb57e9c96

880e5727 01-Jul-2009 Oliver Ruiz Dorantes <oliver.ruiz.dorantes@gmail.com>

Add Strings for bluetooth errors

git-svn-id: file:///srv/svn/repos/haiku/haiku/trunk@31363 a95241bf-73f2-0310-859d-f6bbb57e9c96

a55f3fb0 06-Jun-2009 Stephan Aßmus <superstippi@gmx.de>

Patch by Joe Prostko: Add linking to libstdc++ in some places, which is
necessary when compiling the code for example with -O1 or with the upcomming
GCC 4.4. Thanks a lot!

git-svn-id: file:///srv/svn/repos/haiku/haiku/trunk@30979 a95241bf-73f2-0310-859d-f6bbb57e9c96

155fa31e 25-Apr-2009 Oliver Ruiz Dorantes <oliver.ruiz.dorantes@gmail.com>

- Add method in DeviceClass to draw something representative for the kind of device
- Adopt it in Preferences
(Joerg Meyer & me)

git-svn-id: file:///srv/svn/repos/haiku/haiku/trunk@30405 a95241bf-73f2-0310-859d-f6bbb57e9c96

b9068dbf 23-Apr-2009 Oliver Ruiz Dorantes <oliver.ruiz.dorantes@gmail.com>

- Change LocalDevice getter for HCI id
- Fix some new some std::nothrow on critical allocations among kit and server
- Some styling

git-svn-id: file:///srv/svn/repos/haiku/haiku/trunk@30353 a95241bf-73f2-0310-859d-f6bbb57e9c96

d081e691 27-Mar-2009 Oliver Ruiz Dorantes <oliver.ruiz.dorantes@gmail.com>

- Add Strings for bluetooth events
- Use then in bluetooth server output

git-svn-id: file:///srv/svn/repos/haiku/haiku/trunk@29750 a95241bf-73f2-0310-859d-f6bbb57e9c96

8dc33083 24-Mar-2009 Oliver Ruiz Dorantes <oliver.ruiz.dorantes@gmail.com>

Patch by Joerg Meyer
- Confirm some Broadcom will need a reset to work properly
- Add Bluetooth 2.1 strings for getLocalversion
- Styling

git-svn-id: file:///srv/svn/repos/haiku/haiku/trunk@29680 a95241bf-73f2-0310-859d-f6bbb57e9c96

0b5931e0 23-Mar-2009 Oliver Ruiz Dorantes <oliver.ruiz.dorantes@gmail.com>

- Implement client side of previous commit
- Add name for all vendor commands

git-svn-id: file:///srv/svn/repos/haiku/haiku/trunk@29670 a95241bf-73f2-0310-859d-f6bbb57e9c96

32261764 21-Mar-2009 Oliver Ruiz Dorantes <oliver.ruiz.dorantes@gmail.com>

Fix array indexation

git-svn-id: file:///srv/svn/repos/haiku/haiku/trunk@29640 a95241bf-73f2-0310-859d-f6bbb57e9c96

3fdaa5bf 21-Mar-2009 Oliver Ruiz Dorantes <oliver.ruiz.dorantes@gmail.com>

- Drop R5 compatibility by removing first 4 bytes in the IOCTLs containing the size of the command.
- Implement mechanism GetProperty to retrieve detailed information about the LocalDevice
- Generic BluetoothDevice interface changed and adapted
- Implement ReadLocalVersion to be aware of the bluetooth specification supported by our localdevice

git-svn-id: file:///srv/svn/repos/haiku/haiku/trunk@29639 a95241bf-73f2-0310-859d-f6bbb57e9c96

bd88ac97 21-Mar-2009 Oliver Ruiz Dorantes <oliver.ruiz.dorantes@gmail.com>

- Move and implement some helper functions to a non private header(revision version etc)

git-svn-id: file:///srv/svn/repos/haiku/haiku/trunk@29637 a95241bf-73f2-0310-859d-f6bbb57e9c96

3c2f52ad 16-Mar-2009 Oliver Ruiz Dorantes <oliver.ruiz.dorantes@gmail.com>

little typo in a company name

git-svn-id: file:///srv/svn/repos/haiku/haiku/trunk@29561 a95241bf-73f2-0310-859d-f6bbb57e9c96

b3064a44 16-Mar-2009 Oliver Ruiz Dorantes <oliver.ruiz.dorantes@gmail.com>

Some corrections to the strings, and cleanups in the Devclass

git-svn-id: file:///srv/svn/repos/haiku/haiku/trunk@29560 a95241bf-73f2-0310-859d-f6bbb57e9c96

a7c3c465 14-Mar-2009 Oliver Ruiz Dorantes <oliver.ruiz.dorantes@gmail.com>

- Created an experimental(more c++ & templatized) way to create bluetooth commands
- Add strings for all bluetooth manufacturers
- Add a bunch of strings for each command
- Add methods to get string given a manufacturer code or a command code

git-svn-id: file:///srv/svn/repos/haiku/haiku/trunk@29526 a95241bf-73f2-0310-859d-f6bbb57e9c96

b44ee583 11-Mar-2009 Oliver Ruiz Dorantes <oliver.ruiz.dorantes@gmail.com>

Add creation of local version infomation command

git-svn-id: file:///srv/svn/repos/haiku/haiku/trunk@29475 a95241bf-73f2-0310-859d-f6bbb57e9c96

fa262f22 20-Feb-2009 Oliver Ruiz Dorantes <oliver.ruiz.dorantes@gmail.com>

Add prototypes to keep/use global Inquiry time

git-svn-id: file:///srv/svn/repos/haiku/haiku/trunk@29264 a95241bf-73f2-0310-859d-f6bbb57e9c96

c8ac5a70 23-Jan-2009 Oliver Ruiz Dorantes <oliver.ruiz.dorantes@gmail.com>

Do dot dump for the particular (major minor service) any header in the string output

git-svn-id: file:///srv/svn/repos/haiku/haiku/trunk@28998 a95241bf-73f2-0310-859d-f6bbb57e9c96

515e878c 14-Dec-2008 Oliver Ruiz Dorantes <oliver.ruiz.dorantes@gmail.com>

Add method to dump all DeviceClass information in one single string

git-svn-id: file:///srv/svn/repos/haiku/haiku/trunk@28814 a95241bf-73f2-0310-859d-f6bbb57e9c96

33fe7b32 13-Dec-2008 Oliver Ruiz Dorantes <oliver.ruiz.dorantes@gmail.com>

- Implement retrieval of Device Classes.
- Implement DeviceClass for easy analisys of discovered devices's type.
- Make harder the intantiation of RemoteDevices.

git-svn-id: file:///srv/svn/repos/haiku/haiku/trunk@28809 a95241bf-73f2-0310-859d-f6bbb57e9c96

a2f8edf7 13-Dec-2008 Oliver Ruiz Dorantes <oliver.ruiz.dorantes@gmail.com>

Add HCI command for retieving Local Device Class

git-svn-id: file:///srv/svn/repos/haiku/haiku/trunk@28808 a95241bf-73f2-0310-859d-f6bbb57e9c96

e41b54f5 08-Dec-2008 Oliver Ruiz Dorantes <oliver.ruiz.dorantes@gmail.com>

GetAddress and GetFriendlyName does not need a dedicated request in the server side

git-svn-id: file:///srv/svn/repos/haiku/haiku/trunk@28783 a95241bf-73f2-0310-859d-f6bbb57e9c96

20a51138 04-Aug-2008 Oliver Ruiz Dorantes <oliver.ruiz.dorantes@gmail.com>

- Proper const use
- Styling

git-svn-id: file:///srv/svn/repos/haiku/haiku/trunk@26802 a95241bf-73f2-0310-859d-f6bbb57e9c96

af9ccaf2 04-Aug-2008 Oliver Ruiz Dorantes <oliver.ruiz.dorantes@gmail.com>

Use const reference as input parameter as suggested by julun

git-svn-id: file:///srv/svn/repos/haiku/haiku/trunk@26801 a95241bf-73f2-0310-859d-f6bbb57e9c96

585f2ec6 25-Jul-2008 Oliver Ruiz Dorantes <oliver.ruiz.dorantes@gmail.com>

In some cases the remote name request is never returning us the event containing the name. It fails, the reason could be that the command has some differences in the fields depending on the BT version. This is handling the error code properly in this fail case avoiding the wait.

git-svn-id: file:///srv/svn/repos/haiku/haiku/trunk@26637 a95241bf-73f2-0310-859d-f6bbb57e9c96

3205e523 24-Jul-2008 Oliver Ruiz Dorantes <oliver.ruiz.dorantes@gmail.com>

Implement pairing with a remote bluetooth device
- Fix PincodeWindow to send the pincode commands dissapear after clicking
- Improve the debug output of bluetooth_server
- Handle all needed events for the pairing
- Simple request could send and receive the event before adding the request to the events wanted list. Inverted the order of this sequence.

git-svn-id: file:///srv/svn/repos/haiku/haiku/trunk@26614 a95241bf-73f2-0310-859d-f6bbb57e9c96

6e82afcc 16-Jul-2008 Oliver Ruiz Dorantes <oliver.ruiz.dorantes@gmail.com>

-Update copyright
-whitespaces cleanups

git-svn-id: file:///srv/svn/repos/haiku/haiku/trunk@26452 a95241bf-73f2-0310-859d-f6bbb57e9c96

7434b760 16-Jul-2008 Oliver Ruiz Dorantes <oliver.ruiz.dorantes@gmail.com>

Add to the command manager the connection accept and reject commands

git-svn-id: file:///srv/svn/repos/haiku/haiku/trunk@26451 a95241bf-73f2-0310-859d-f6bbb57e9c96

870ae24a 16-Jul-2008 Oliver Ruiz Dorantes <oliver.ruiz.dorantes@gmail.com>

Resolve allocation of multiple Messengers,(Mika Lindqvist)

git-svn-id: file:///srv/svn/repos/haiku/haiku/trunk@26449 a95241bf-73f2-0310-859d-f6bbb57e9c96

9bfe62f9 02-Jul-2008 Oliver Ruiz Dorantes <oliver.ruiz.dorantes@gmail.com>

Cleapups, Fix memory leaks,

Patch by Mika Lindqvist. Could we give give him Commit access?
I am getting daily patches from him with fixes and new features.

git-svn-id: file:///srv/svn/repos/haiku/haiku/trunk@26227 a95241bf-73f2-0310-859d-f6bbb57e9c96

b94e1751 02-Jul-2008 Oliver Ruiz Dorantes <oliver.ruiz.dorantes@gmail.com>

Implement RemoteDevice contructor by String

git-svn-id: file:///srv/svn/repos/haiku/haiku/trunk@26224 a95241bf-73f2-0310-859d-f6bbb57e9c96

18dbcd22 01-Jul-2008 Oliver Ruiz Dorantes <oliver.ruiz.dorantes@gmail.com>

Handle the command status sent before the arrival of a remote name request.
Avoid unhandled event in the bluetooth_server
by Mika Lindqvist

git-svn-id: file:///srv/svn/repos/haiku/haiku/trunk@26196 a95241bf-73f2-0310-859d-f6bbb57e9c96

78163ba3 01-Jul-2008 Rene Gollent <anevilyak@gmail.com>

That should've been eol-style :/

git-svn-id: file:///srv/svn/repos/haiku/haiku/trunk@26194 a95241bf-73f2-0310-859d-f6bbb57e9c96

5e531393 30-Jun-2008 Oliver Ruiz Dorantes <oliver.ruiz.dorantes@gmail.com>

Make the BWindows die in a proper way as suggested by mmu & stippi

git-svn-id: file:///srv/svn/repos/haiku/haiku/trunk@26183 a95241bf-73f2-0310-859d-f6bbb57e9c96

4079af86 22-Jun-2008 Rene Gollent <anevilyak@gmail.com>

gcc4 build fixes.

git-svn-id: file:///srv/svn/repos/haiku/haiku/trunk@26091 a95241bf-73f2-0310-859d-f6bbb57e9c96

24f4a20d 18-Jun-2008 Oliver Ruiz Dorantes <oliver.ruiz.dorantes@gmail.com>

Add UI classes to the build.
Adding some helper methods to the Local and remote devices

git-svn-id: file:///srv/svn/repos/haiku/haiku/trunk@26011 a95241bf-73f2-0310-859d-f6bbb57e9c96

b12daa5f 18-Jun-2008 Oliver Ruiz Dorantes <oliver.ruiz.dorantes@gmail.com>

Add UI classes for handling incoming connections and pincode requests

git-svn-id: file:///srv/svn/repos/haiku/haiku/trunk@26010 a95241bf-73f2-0310-859d-f6bbb57e9c96

0df89492 18-Jun-2008 Oliver Ruiz Dorantes <oliver.ruiz.dorantes@gmail.com>

-Wrong header for function,

git-svn-id: file:///srv/svn/repos/haiku/haiku/trunk@26008 a95241bf-73f2-0310-859d-f6bbb57e9c96

91f7786b 15-Jun-2008 Oliver Ruiz Dorantes <oliver.ruiz.dorantes@gmail.com>


git-svn-id: file:///srv/svn/repos/haiku/haiku/trunk@25963 a95241bf-73f2-0310-859d-f6bbb57e9c96

350458a6 12-Jun-2008 Oliver Ruiz Dorantes <oliver.ruiz.dorantes@gmail.com>

- Add PinCode command replies
- Add CancelInquiry command

git-svn-id: file:///srv/svn/repos/haiku/haiku/trunk@25942 a95241bf-73f2-0310-859d-f6bbb57e9c96

fd585f3c 21-May-2008 Oliver Ruiz Dorantes <oliver.ruiz.dorantes@gmail.com>

Implement/stub the mandatory parent methods from the BluetoothDevice Class

git-svn-id: file:///srv/svn/repos/haiku/haiku/trunk@25595 a95241bf-73f2-0310-859d-f6bbb57e9c96

39399f65 19-Apr-2008 Oliver Ruiz Dorantes <oliver.ruiz.dorantes@gmail.com>

- Implement RemoteDevice::GetFriendlyName() in kit and handle the required reply in the server.
- Now a discovery process is nicer.

git-svn-id: file:///srv/svn/repos/haiku/haiku/trunk@25053 a95241bf-73f2-0310-859d-f6bbb57e9c96

fae5a1d3 17-Apr-2008 Oliver Ruiz Dorantes <oliver.ruiz.dorantes@gmail.com>

- Add inquiry fields for the RemoteDevice, to store the information retrieved .
- Update those fields at discovering

git-svn-id: file:///srv/svn/repos/haiku/haiku/trunk@25006 a95241bf-73f2-0310-859d-f6bbb57e9c96

6b81bac2 16-Apr-2008 Oliver Ruiz Dorantes <oliver.ruiz.dorantes@gmail.com>

- Change again the api... Strings are not for everything

git-svn-id: file:///srv/svn/repos/haiku/haiku/trunk@24991 a95241bf-73f2-0310-859d-f6bbb57e9c96

b0410a22 16-Apr-2008 Oliver Ruiz Dorantes <oliver.ruiz.dorantes@gmail.com>

- Implement a filter for devices that are repling multiple times.
- Fix the creation of the RemoteDevicesList

git-svn-id: file:///srv/svn/repos/haiku/haiku/trunk@24990 a95241bf-73f2-0310-859d-f6bbb57e9c96

078958f5 15-Apr-2008 Oliver Ruiz Dorantes <oliver.ruiz.dorantes@gmail.com>

- Run the Looper
- Create Agent from the LocalDevice
- Fix constructors

git-svn-id: file:///srv/svn/repos/haiku/haiku/trunk@24977 a95241bf-73f2-0310-859d-f6bbb57e9c96

2154bbe8 08-Apr-2008 Oliver Ruiz Dorantes <oliver.ruiz.dorantes@gmail.com>

Added copyright

git-svn-id: file:///srv/svn/repos/haiku/haiku/trunk@24867 a95241bf-73f2-0310-859d-f6bbb57e9c96

da979383 08-Apr-2008 Oliver Ruiz Dorantes <oliver.ruiz.dorantes@gmail.com>

ObjectList is required
Courtesy of candidate SoC student Adrien Destugues

git-svn-id: file:///srv/svn/repos/haiku/haiku/trunk@24866 a95241bf-73f2-0310-859d-f6bbb57e9c96

1f3aa498 01-Apr-2008 Oliver Ruiz Dorantes <oliver.ruiz.dorantes@gmail.com>

Complete asking the server all the events needed to perform a complete(basic) discovery process

git-svn-id: file:///srv/svn/repos/haiku/haiku/trunk@24731 a95241bf-73f2-0310-859d-f6bbb57e9c96

7ca97741 30-Mar-2008 Rene Gollent <anevilyak@gmail.com>

Clean up build break - library declaration line was doubled.

git-svn-id: file:///srv/svn/repos/haiku/haiku/trunk@24702 a95241bf-73f2-0310-859d-f6bbb57e9c96

d581ede6 30-Mar-2008 Oliver Ruiz Dorantes <oliver.ruiz.dorantes@gmail.com>

- Implementation of the discovery classes & RemoteDevice
. Support for StartInquiry method

git-svn-id: file:///srv/svn/repos/haiku/haiku/trunk@24699 a95241bf-73f2-0310-859d-f6bbb57e9c96

5ceb8de4 17-Mar-2008 Oliver Ruiz Dorantes <oliver.ruiz.dorantes@gmail.com>

SetDiscoverable method Implementation

git-svn-id: file:///srv/svn/repos/haiku/haiku/trunk@24427 a95241bf-73f2-0310-859d-f6bbb57e9c96

631aa548 16-Mar-2008 Oliver Ruiz Dorantes <oliver.ruiz.dorantes@gmail.com>

Add scan mode and authentication commands

git-svn-id: file:///srv/svn/repos/haiku/haiku/trunk@24416 a95241bf-73f2-0310-859d-f6bbb57e9c96

0ba3dcf5 15-Mar-2008 Oliver Ruiz Dorantes <oliver.ruiz.dorantes@gmail.com>

Mark to fix in some other moment

git-svn-id: file:///srv/svn/repos/haiku/haiku/trunk@24397 a95241bf-73f2-0310-859d-f6bbb57e9c96

23234fa5 13-Mar-2008 Oliver Ruiz Dorantes <oliver.ruiz.dorantes@gmail.com>

Supply a supoprt file for functions used among all the kit
Move implementation from LocalDevice for retrieving the BluetoothServer Messenger

git-svn-id: file:///srv/svn/repos/haiku/haiku/trunk@24385 a95241bf-73f2-0310-859d-f6bbb57e9c96

057d0dc0 13-Mar-2008 Oliver Ruiz Dorantes <oliver.ruiz.dorantes@gmail.com>

Correct misspell adquire->acquire

git-svn-id: file:///srv/svn/repos/haiku/haiku/trunk@24384 a95241bf-73f2-0310-859d-f6bbb57e9c96

32c01b55 12-Mar-2008 Oliver Ruiz Dorantes <oliver.ruiz.dorantes@gmail.com>

Move the command builder module to the kit although meant to be kept private

git-svn-id: file:///srv/svn/repos/haiku/haiku/trunk@24379 a95241bf-73f2-0310-859d-f6bbb57e9c96

b8c8202d 12-Mar-2008 Oliver Ruiz Dorantes <oliver.ruiz.dorantes@gmail.com>

* Add one more inquiry process hook function for notify when it has started
* Move Messages id to a private header
* New constructor for RemoteDevice

git-svn-id: file:///srv/svn/repos/haiku/haiku/trunk@24376 a95241bf-73f2-0310-859d-f6bbb57e9c96

a8006c78 08-Mar-2008 Oliver Ruiz Dorantes <oliver.ruiz.dorantes@gmail.com>

Add DiscoveryAgent skeleton

git-svn-id: file:///srv/svn/repos/haiku/haiku/trunk@24318 a95241bf-73f2-0310-859d-f6bbb57e9c96

2be1278e 06-Mar-2008 Oliver Ruiz Dorantes <oliver.ruiz.dorantes@gmail.com>

Remove warnings and text output

git-svn-id: file:///srv/svn/repos/haiku/haiku/trunk@24281 a95241bf-73f2-0310-859d-f6bbb57e9c96

221b5626 05-Mar-2008 Oliver Ruiz Dorantes <oliver.ruiz.dorantes@gmail.com>

Add FriendlyName and SimpleRequest interface implementation

git-svn-id: file:///srv/svn/repos/haiku/haiku/trunk@24252 a95241bf-73f2-0310-859d-f6bbb57e9c96

c56d6fa2 05-Mar-2008 François Revol <revol@free.fr>

This gets libbluetooth.so building at least on zeta.

git-svn-id: file:///srv/svn/repos/haiku/haiku/trunk@24248 a95241bf-73f2-0310-859d-f6bbb57e9c96

7bdc4995 25-Feb-2008 Oliver Ruiz Dorantes <oliver.ruiz.dorantes@gmail.com>

Collect the messenger from the correct signature. Allow 0 as HCI ID. Drop correctly the BDADDR to userland.

git-svn-id: file:///srv/svn/repos/haiku/haiku/trunk@24128 a95241bf-73f2-0310-859d-f6bbb57e9c96

308050e8 01-Feb-2008 Oliver Ruiz Dorantes <oliver.ruiz.dorantes@gmail.com>

Update LocalDevice class with basic bluetooth_server comunication. Server code still to come. Nothing except the driver tested at the moment... I hope after these nothing is broken

git-svn-id: file:///srv/svn/repos/haiku/haiku/trunk@23817 a95241bf-73f2-0310-859d-f6bbb57e9c96

86aceda9 23-Oct-2007 Oliver Ruiz Dorantes <oliver.ruiz.dorantes@gmail.com>

-Dummy implementation of DiscoveryListener\n-Add to jamfile

git-svn-id: file:///srv/svn/repos/haiku/haiku/trunk@22680 a95241bf-73f2-0310-859d-f6bbb57e9c96

7236d2c1 22-Oct-2007 Oliver Ruiz Dorantes <oliver.ruiz.dorantes@gmail.com>

Fix coding style

git-svn-id: file:///srv/svn/repos/haiku/haiku/trunk@22668 a95241bf-73f2-0310-859d-f6bbb57e9c96

3dfa1212 21-Oct-2007 Oliver Ruiz Dorantes <oliver.ruiz.dorantes@gmail.com>

Dummy implementation of the LocalDevice class

git-svn-id: file:///srv/svn/repos/haiku/haiku/trunk@22642 a95241bf-73f2-0310-859d-f6bbb57e9c96