.gitignoreH A D26-Mar-2022584

44x.hH A D22-Sep-2015448

4xx.cH A D05-Feb-202020 KiB

4xx.hH A D22-Sep-20151.2 KiB

addnote.cH A D01-Jun-20196.7 KiB

bamboo.cH A D09-Jun-20191 KiB

cpm-serial.cH A D09-Dec-20175.2 KiB

crt0.SH A D29-May-20226.6 KiB

crtsavres.SH A D08-Jul-20176 KiB

cuboot-52xx.cH A D22-Jun-20191.5 KiB

cuboot-824x.cH A D22-Jun-20191 KiB

cuboot-83xx.cH A D22-Jun-20191.3 KiB

cuboot-85xx-cpm2.cH A D22-Jun-20191.6 KiB

cuboot-85xx.cH A D22-Jun-20191.5 KiB

cuboot-8xx.cH A D22-Jun-20191,000

cuboot-acadia.cH A D22-Jun-20194.7 KiB

cuboot-amigaone.cH A D22-Jun-2019719

cuboot-bamboo.cH A D22-Jun-2019540

cuboot-ebony.cH A D22-Jun-2019633

cuboot-hotfoot.cH A D29-May-20223.9 KiB

cuboot-katmai.cH A D22-Jun-20191.1 KiB

cuboot-kilauea.cH A D22-Jun-20191.1 KiB

cuboot-mpc7448hpc2.cH A D25-May-20191 KiB

cuboot-pq2.cH A D22-Jun-20196.8 KiB

cuboot-rainier.cH A D09-Jun-20191.3 KiB

cuboot-sam440ep.cH A D22-Jun-20191.1 KiB

cuboot-sequoia.cH A D09-Jun-20191.3 KiB

cuboot-taishan.cH A D22-Jun-20191.2 KiB

cuboot-warp.cH A D22-Jun-2019767

cuboot-yosemite.cH A D22-Jun-2019946

cuboot.cH A D22-Jun-2019795

cuboot.hH A D09-Dec-2017404

dcr.hH A D09-Dec-20176.4 KiB

decompress.cH A D03-Jul-20213.6 KiB

devtree.cH A D03-Jul-20218.5 KiB

div64.SH A D01-Jun-20193.1 KiB


dummy.cH A D22-Sep-201530

ebony.cH A D01-Jun-20192.2 KiB

elf.hH A D09-Dec-20174 KiB

elf_util.cH A D01-Jun-20192.2 KiB

ep8248e.cH A D22-Jun-20191.1 KiB

ep88xc.cH A D22-Jun-20191.1 KiB

epapr-wrapper.cH A D09-Dec-2017328

epapr.cH A D22-Jun-20191.7 KiB

fixed-head.SH A D09-Dec-2017105

fixup-headers.sedH A D20-Dec-2016379

fsl-soc.cH A D22-Jun-2019966

fsl-soc.hH A D09-Dec-2017151

gamecube-head.SH A D01-Jun-20192.2 KiB

gamecube.cH A D01-Jun-2019599

hack-coff.cH A D01-Jun-20192.1 KiB

holly.cH A D22-Jun-2019641

install.shH A D27-May-2022782

io.hH A D09-Dec-20172.1 KiB

libfdt-wrapper.cH A D01-Jun-20194.4 KiB

libfdt_env.hH A D03-Dec-2019680

main.cH A D08-Aug-20208.4 KiB

MakefileH A D29-May-202218.8 KiB

microwatt.cH A D03-Jul-2021549

mktree.cH A D09-Dec-20173.5 KiB

motload-head.SH A D09-Dec-2017219

mpc52xx-psc.cH A D09-Dec-20171.5 KiB

mpc8xx.cH A D22-Jun-20191.5 KiB

mpc8xx.hH A D09-Dec-2017234

mvme5100.cH A D22-Jun-2019496

mvme7100.cH A D01-Jun-20191.3 KiB

ns16550.cH A D03-Jul-20212.1 KiB

of.cH A D01-Jun-20192.1 KiB

of.hH A D09-Dec-20171.2 KiB

ofconsole.cH A D01-Jun-2019830

oflib.cH A D01-Jun-20195.1 KiB

opal-calls.SH A D01-Jun-20191.2 KiB

opal.cH A D01-Jun-20192.2 KiB

ops.hH A D29-May-20227.4 KiB

page.hH A D01-Jun-2019895

planetcore.cH A D22-Jun-20192.5 KiB

planetcore.hH A D09-Dec-20171.5 KiB

ppc_asm.hH A D01-Jun-20191.8 KiB

ppcboot-hotfoot.hH A D01-Jun-20194.1 KiB

ppcboot.hH A D01-Jun-20193.3 KiB

pq2.cH A D22-Jun-20192.2 KiB

pq2.hH A D09-Dec-2017338

ps3-head.SH A D01-Jun-20191.4 KiB

ps3-hvcall.SH A D01-Jun-20192.3 KiB

ps3.cH A D18-Dec-20203 KiB

pseries-head.SH A D09-Dec-2017141

READMEH A D22-Sep-2015327

redboot-83xx.cH A D22-Jun-20191.3 KiB

redboot-8xx.cH A D22-Jun-20191.3 KiB

redboot.hH A D09-Dec-20172.7 KiB

reg.hH A D01-Jun-2019624

rs6000.hH A D09-Dec-20177 KiB

serial.cH A D06-Nov-20213.6 KiB

simple_alloc.cH A D22-Sep-20153.5 KiB

simpleboot.cH A D22-Jun-20192.7 KiB

stdbool.hH A D01-Jun-2019228

stdint.hH A D01-Jun-2019227

stdio.cH A D01-Jun-20197 KiB

stdio.hH A D09-Dec-2017562

stdlib.cH A D22-Jun-2019785

stdlib.hH A D09-Dec-2017176

string.hH A D07-Apr-2018897

string.SH A D01-Jun-20193.5 KiB

swab.hH A D09-Dec-2017855

treeboot-akebono.cH A D01-Jun-20193.8 KiB

treeboot-bamboo.cH A D09-Jun-2019877

treeboot-currituck.cH A D01-Jun-20192.8 KiB

treeboot-ebony.cH A D22-Jun-2019695

treeboot-iss4xx.cH A D01-Jun-20191.8 KiB

types.hH A D09-Dec-20171,012

ugecon.cH A D01-Jun-20192.6 KiB

ugecon.hH A D01-Jun-2019403

util.SH A D18-Dec-20201.6 KiB

wii-head.SH A D01-Jun-20192.9 KiB

wii.cH A D01-Jun-20192.9 KiB

wrapperH A D29-May-202214 KiB

xz_config.hH A D14-Jul-20191.2 KiB A D09-Dec-2017688 A D15-Jan-20221.4 KiB A D03-Jul-2021779


2To extract the kernel vmlinux,, .config or initrd from the zImage binary:
4objcopy -j .kernel:vmlinux -O binary zImage vmlinux.gz
5objcopy -j -O binary zImage
6objcopy -j .kernel:.config -O binary zImage config.gz
7objcopy -j .kernel:initrd -O binary zImage.initrd initrd.gz
10	Peter