1d1d8fda6SOliver Tappe/*
245f2f22bSOliver Tappe * Copyright 2010-2011, Oliver Tappe <zooey@hirschkaefer.de>
3d1d8fda6SOliver Tappe * Distributed under the terms of the MIT License.
4d1d8fda6SOliver Tappe */
5d1d8fda6SOliver Tappe#ifndef _LANGUAGE_PRIVATE_H
6d1d8fda6SOliver Tappe#define _LANGUAGE_PRIVATE_H
7d1d8fda6SOliver Tappe
8d1d8fda6SOliver Tappe
9d1d8fda6SOliver Tappe#include <Language.h>
10d1d8fda6SOliver Tappe
11d1d8fda6SOliver Tappe
12d1d8fda6SOliver Tappeclass BLanguage::Private {
13d1d8fda6SOliver Tappepublic:
14d1d8fda6SOliver Tappe	Private(const BLanguage* language = NULL)
15d1d8fda6SOliver Tappe		:
16d1d8fda6SOliver Tappe		fLanguage(language)
17d1d8fda6SOliver Tappe	{
18d1d8fda6SOliver Tappe	}
19d1d8fda6SOliver Tappe
20d1d8fda6SOliver Tappe	void
21d1d8fda6SOliver Tappe	SetTo(const BLanguage* language)
22d1d8fda6SOliver Tappe	{
23d1d8fda6SOliver Tappe		fLanguage = language;
24d1d8fda6SOliver Tappe	}
25d1d8fda6SOliver Tappe
2645f2f22bSOliver Tappe	icu::Locale*
27d1d8fda6SOliver Tappe	ICULocale()
28d1d8fda6SOliver Tappe	{
29d1d8fda6SOliver Tappe		return fLanguage->fICULocale;
30d1d8fda6SOliver Tappe	}
31d1d8fda6SOliver Tappe
32d1d8fda6SOliver Tappeprivate:
33d1d8fda6SOliver Tappe	const BLanguage* fLanguage;
34d1d8fda6SOliver Tappe};
35d1d8fda6SOliver Tappe
36d1d8fda6SOliver Tappe
37d1d8fda6SOliver Tappe#endif	// _LANGUAGE_PRIVATE_H